Coz I Luv You (Holland 1972)

Polydor Records - 2383 100

OK, it seems the more I find out, the more I realise I don't know? This came as a complete surprise to me. Although I was aware of this release of Coz I Luv You, I was not aware that it had a different track listing. Bearing the catalogue number immediately preceding Slade Alive!, it would appear that this was probably released prior to, or alongside, Look Wot You Dun in Jan 1972. I guess, the fact that Candidate is not present bears out this assumption.
"...we released one album overseas '''Cos I Luv You" which we didn't issue in Britain because it was all singles that had already been hits here for us, and we thought it was more than likely that most of our fans would already have those numbers in their record collections."
Jim Lea: The Slade Story - George Tremlett (page 74)
Using an assortment of tracks from the unsuccessful Play It Loud and the 7" single tracks, this album includes One Way Hotel, Do You Want Me, See Us Here & Know Who You Are. I find it odd that they added the Play It Loud tracks to an official Slade release (which this Dutch release clearly is). I believe the same records were released in Holland so Jim's explanation doesn't make much sense. On the Australian and later German revision, these are replaced by Angelina, Candidate, Look Wot You Dun & Could I which shows how chaotic Slade's marketing was at this moment in time.

The single A sides would get an album release in 1973 on the Sladest album, while Don Powell recovered from the car crash that killed his friend Angela Morris but those B-sides would not get a UK album release until the next millennium.

  • Coz I Luv You
  • Dapple Rose
  • Sweet Box
  • Gospel According To Rasputin
  • My Life Is Natural
  • The Shape Of Things To Come
  • Get Down And Get With It
  • One Way Hotel
  • Raven
  • Do You Want Me
  • See Us Here
  • Know Who You Are

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Big thanks to Jaap for providing this artwork. ;-)


  1. nice one,im snagging that now;-)
    i have a foreign release of Coz I Luv You album, but im buggered if i can remember where from!

  2. This isn't a music download Zig, its just the album artwork mate. All this stuff " available in the shops now folks so go out an buy it!" Remastered too. Sounds a little high end but very alive and in yer face. ;-)