Coz I Luv You (Australia 1972)

Polydor Records 2383 107

Coz I Luv You, the album was never given a UK release and it's release date seems to vary. Slade Alive! is 2383 101 released 23/03/1972, this release of Coz I Luv You is 2383 107. Slayed is 2383 163 and it was released 01/12/1972. It's probably safe to say that this came out in the early summer of 1972 to cash in on the success of Slade Alive! in Australia.

The thing that made this album essential to me, was the inclusion of Gospel According To Rasputin. The track which was culled from the Get Down With It EP was not available elsewhere. EP's are shallow cut to get the extra time needed on a 7". Shallow cut means low volume and are also easily damaged. The inclusion of Candidate and My Life Is Natural was also a real treasure. This particular copy is Australian* but is exactly the same as the European release.

To add to the confusion, there is another Polydor released Coz I Luv You which came out prior to this one in Holland?

  • Coz I Luv You
  • Dapple Rose 
  • My Life Is Natural
  • Angelina
  • Candidate
  • Sweet Box
  • Look Wot You Dun
  • Could I
  • Raven
  • Gospel According To Rasputin
  • Shape Of Things To Come
  • Get Down & Get With It

The Cover Art is here  10.41 MB


*Big Thanks to Tony Thresher in the land of Oz!


  1. Hi, Mickey.

    Great Blog!

    I like to make the following remark:
    Slayed's normal catalogue number is 2383 163. It has not a 2382 series number. So comparison is easy.
    BTW there is another Coz I luv You release with catalogue number 2383 100. Released just before Slade Alive! It has another track listing as well, and includes Gospel, My life is Natural and Do you want me. This release has also a different (very nice) picture sleeve.

  2. Hey Jack2, thanks for that info, that'll teach me to check my vinyl. I took "Weer All Crazee" discography info as gospel.

    I have the 1974 Karussell re-issue but a pre-'Slade Alive' Coz I Luv You that includes Do You Want Me..... Thanks for sharing.