Play It Loud 1970

Polydor Records 2382-026
This was the first album the group recorded as Slade and it was the first album produced by Chas Chandler. Released in the UK on 28/11/1970 it used the bands new skinhead image to make an impact. The band certainly made an impact, albeit negative, but in terms of sales and chart position the record did very little.

Play It Loud features mainly self-written songs at Chandler's insistence (some of which turn up later on the Sladest compilation) and drummer Don Powell features as one of the main co-writers. It's a shame he didn't stick with it because his songs have an earthy grit and longevity that keeps them sounding good to this day.
The songs on this album show early signs of the developing talent the band had. Noddy Holder is just starting to stretch his vocals. See Us Here, has some great bass, Dapple Rose featuring violin, both played by Jim Lea of course, and Dirty Joker with it's funky chicken scratch guitar work. Far more promising though, the awesome power of both Sweet Box and I Remember, which hint at the shape of things to come.
Express & Star31st October 1970

The group appeared on Disco 2 to promote the album. They made three appearances in 1970. The first featured Shape Of Things To Come and the second in October featured Know Who You Are and Sweetbox and was broadcast in colour. All three performances of Slade are, at present, missing.
New Musical ExpressDecember 19th 1970
SLADE: PLAY IT LOUD (Polydor, 2383 026, 42s 6d)
Aggresive - that's what the music and vocalising of Slade seems to be, though they vary the volume with great skill, at times quiet, then turning it up and shouting at the listener as in Know Who You Are. They also bark out a love song to Angelina, and get a good rhythm going with handclaps on Dirty Joker, and on Sweet Box they attack the music ferociously with guitars and voices.

Of the more tuneful items (and tune isn't given much of a chance on most tracks) is Could I. The lead vocalist is inclined to shout too much, but then, maybe that is the appeal of the group. Pity their names and the instrument they play aren't mentioned on the sleeve, where only their pictures appear. Chas Chandler gets the credit of producing. AE.

Other titles: Raven, See Us Here, Dapple Rose, One Way Hotel, Shape Of Things To Come, I Remember, Pouk Hill.
  • Raven
  • See Us Here
  • Dapple Rose
  • Could I
  • One Way Hotel
  • The Shape Of Things To Come
  • Know Who You Are
  • I Remember
  • Pouk Hill
  • Angelina
  • Dirty Joker
  • Sweet Box
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* Special thanks to Chris 'The Historian' Selby for the clippings.

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