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Slade 1973
There are Pop bands, there are Rock bands and then there are musical institutions. All three of these descriptions apply to this four man, hit making machine from the West Midlands. With a string of misspelt chart toppers, an outlandish wardrobe and a killer, live act that was second to none. Slade's achievements during the 1970's were little short of phenomenal: their crunching rock 'n' roll and crazee antics would inspire acts such as Kiss, Kurt Cobain, Oasis, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Darkness and even comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, to pick up guitars. And what's more, the stunning re-birth from a career slump during the following decade revealed an enviable stubborn streak and tenacity worthy of only the rare few.

Slade were a top notch group that were dragged into the black hole of Glam Rock, a short lived fad that deflected from who they really were, one of the world's greatest Rock bands. Loud, gregarious and, above all, entertaining with an affable, rabble-rousing demagogue up front.
"Slade were down to earth and honest, and it's a real shame there's not more bands around like them, as you won't find this kind of honesty in the record business these days; mores the pity."
Dennis Munday: Ex Polydor Marketing October 2012
Here, we tell the story of one of the UK's most underrated groups. This is the story of Slade, told in a genealogical manner with the factual evidence to back it up where possible. The main source information comes from:
Feel cover
'Feel The Noize' by Chris Charlesworth
'Genesis Of Slade' sleevenotes by John Howells
Nod book
'Who's Crazee Now?' by Noddy Holder
Wolvo Archives
Most of the 'new' info comes from the Wolverhampton (and surrounding areas) newspaper archives scoured by Chris Selby, without whom, this site would not be possible. Please bear in mind that local newspapers, like all newspapers, use artistic licence when reporting. For the purposes of this project, we are interested, first and foremost, in the date. The posts run chronologically, the early years are listed under 1971 because that's the earliest date Blogger can handle.



Intro paragraph by Dave Ling. If any links do not work please let me know in the comments section.

Ray Kimpton re: The Phantoms 1963
Alan re: Dortmund Habenera 1965,
Allie Keith re: John Conlan at Sundown 1972,

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Mickey P. ;-)


alan said...

i have some great info on dortmund 1965 as we played with them at habanera club

Mickey P. said...

Hey Alan, if you're still out there, drop me a line please. I'd like to hear your stories. B-)

John Pitt said...

Hi Mickey, just found your brilliant blog about my heroes! Can you point me in the direction of the most complete discography online? Cheers, John.

Mickey P. said...

Hi John,

My favourite discography is http://www.slade-weerallcrazee.co.uk/ which may not be complete but has a lot of solid info. I have spotted the occasional error but its generally good stuff. It doesn't cover the unofficial recordings but Slade In England has lots of good info about them and also features a comprehensive official discography which, sadly, doesn't seem to work?
COmprehensive text based discography including post Slade recordings at The Archive, http://www.slayed.co.uk/

I will cover all releases one day? :-/

John Pitt said...

Cheers, I will try that next. I have JUST finished the entire blog from start to finish and what an amazing journey it's been! It is simply a BRILLIANT Blog! I've learnt all kinds I didn't know, but unfortunately for me the download links are no longer available :-( Is there any other way I can download this material? JP

Roving Jay - Expat in Motion said...


Just took a trip down memory lane, and have linked to your website from my blog post.... Jay

Mickey P. said...

Got an email address John?

Anonymous said...


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