1966 Gigs

Tamworth: Monday 21st February 1966

Early 1966, we have Cass Jones leaving, replacement audition recently held and the press waiting to make an announcement. Mick Marson would not have been a happy man, his mate gone and two guys who obviously didn't think highly of him.

This gig in Tamworth, just outside of Wolverhampton, may not have been 'the occassion' but I bet John Howells was chatting to the Blues Ensemble that night? 'My band, they're a bunch of yobs. I want a proper band like you lads. Guys that understand the blues. A band that knows where I'm coming from?' An interesting gig and a nice find?

Walsall Observer: March 19th 1966

This gig at Walsall Town Hall is probably the one that Holder remembers as 1st April 1966. and is generally believed to be the bands first gig together including Johnny Howells on vocals, of course.

Evening Chronicle: Friday April 1st

The 'N Betweens were playing on April 1st. 1966 at The Majestic in Newcastle. Meanwhile, back in Walsall, the cleaners were getting the Town Hall cleaned up so it could re-open.

Torquay Herald & Express: Wednesday 1st June 1966

During the second week of June 1966, they played a week at the 400 Ballroom in Torquay and a week at the Blue Lagoon in Newquay.
"...they'd contracted various bookings on the strength of Howells name including... an annual engagement for a series of shows... in and around Torquay...

The first public performance by the quartet that became Slade thus occurred during the first week of June 1966."

Torquay Herald & Express: Monday 6th June 1966

The N'Betweens were at the 400 Ballroom in Torquay for the entire week, except maybe Sunday.

Newquay Cornish Guardian: Thurs June 9th

The following week The In Betweens played the Blue Lagoon in Newquay from Saturday through till Wednesday...

Newquay Cornish Guardian: Thurs June 16th

....being replaced by TV and Recording Group "The N" Betweens for Thursday and Friday.

Padstow Cornish Guardian: Thurs June 16th

For their appearance in Padstow, Cornwall on June 20th, 1966, The 'N Betweens were a TV Comedy Group recording on Fontana Records. Probably the end of the 'Cornish Tour'.

August 25th, 1966, The 'N Betweens played at the legendary Tiles Club in London's Oxford Street. It was a basement club and they were the support act to Crispian St. Peters who had a hit with Pied Piper. The 'N Betweens were a triumph that night and Kim Fowley, who witnessed the performance took a personal interest.

Newquay Cornish Guardian: November 14th.

The 'Cornish Tour' was long over but the group were back there in autumn. Things were definitely getting psychedelic when 'Columbia Recording Artists' The 'N' Betweens advertised their forthcoming appearance in Newquay on Saturday, 19th November 1966.

Express & Star:  Friday 3rd December 1966


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