'Most Promising'

Express & Star: December 19th 1968

OK, this article, from The 'N Betweens 1968 page, raises lots of questions and I've decided to break it down and look at them in depth?

This is December 1968 so I assume they are Fontanas 'most promising' hope for 1969?
THE 'N BETWEENS. now to be known as Ambrose Slade, are certainly getting the big treatment from Fontana Records.
Well that fits in with the December '68 date.
The recording company has nominated them as "most promising" group of the year and as such they are to represent Fontana at the Holland music festival in January.
This is not 'International Sommerradio', they were in Holland on the 8th & 9th of January 1969 so it would appear they represented Fontana and the UK as The 'N Betweens or Ambrose Slade?
Other "most promising" groups in the past have been Manfred Mann and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mlck and Tich, so the group has a great tradition of success to follow.
On Sunday the group were all Euston Station, where they made a film. to be televised in this country and abroad. to promote their new single, due for release on January 31.
Well, the single didn't get a release until 2nd May 1969. That single was Genesis but in January they were talking about Martha My Dear being the single. Well, the film soundtrack was neither?

A minute of the film footage was made available by Gary Jordan and I have used that to fill the run time of the song. Hopefully. sometime in the not to distant future, the entire film will be made available?
As yet the single is still undecided. Four tracks have been completed, but on January 1 and 2 the group will be in the studio for two days, recording eight extra numbers.

At the filming, a large crowd gathered to watch their zany antics, and among them were D. J. Stuart Henry and ex-boxer, now pop personality, Freddie Mack.

Stuart Henry might be able to remember this, anybody got contacts. I'm sure he wouldn't mind chatting about the good old days?


Archive media supplied by Chris Selby and film footage made available by Gary Jordan. Another great find by those that do.

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