Slade's Noddy tells me about Scottish 'riot'

Sue's Page: New Musical Express, August 28th 1971
Radio Luxembourg POP NEWS....August 5. 1971 reported: 
"Slade fans in Scotland caused a near riot when 500 of them were locked outside a Slade gig in St Andrews recently. The 500 crossed the Tay Bridge only to find a ‘members only' notice outside the club. Police arrested 30 protesting fans."
SLADEMANIA?? Certainly looks like it! The Slade's Noddy phoned Club 208 from Scotland to tell us more about it. ...

SUE: Are the fans really reacting in this fantastic way?

NODDY: Yeah, it's quite frightening at times. I mean they do get slightly out-of-hand now and again! But basically since the success of ‘Get Down And Get With It' the Scottish fans have been marvellous! Sorry about those guys and gals who couldn't get in at St. Andrews, but it was nothing to do with us.

SUE: What about the next single? Will it be comparable to Get Down And Get With It?

NODDY: It will be slightly more melodious than the last but it will have the same audience participation' feel about it. Y'know building up to a right rave-up at the end of the record.

SUE: I've noticed that on stage you do tend to drop in the occasional deep' song, such as Nights In White Satin.'

NODDY: True We'll be using the electric violin and things on this next single at least on the song. We hope will be our next single!

SUE: Will it be a self-penned song this time?

NODDY: We do about six of our own compositions on stage and wrote the B' sides of our last two singles. This time we're writing the A' side too.

SUE: What kind of audience are you reaching to?

NODDY: Well, we grew our hair long in order to reach as many people as possible. We are aimed at the masses. Every pop group should be. Our main aim, on and off stage, is to have a good time and see that everybody else enjoys themselves too!

SUE: I'm sure they will, Noddy, I'm sure they will!!! Thanks for calling....

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