Slade In Scotland

New Musical Express: August 7th 1971

"A two-day festival is to be staged at Bearsden in Scotland, adjacent to the Kilmardinny Riding School, on September 4 and 5. Cat Stevens, Lindisfarne, Curved Air, Brinsley Schwartz, Bronco and the JSD Band are among acts appearing on the Saturday. Set for the Sunday are Roy Wood with the Electric Light Orchestra, Slade, Uriah Heep, Skid Row, Merlin and Beggars Opera."
Slade were to play on the Sunday while Lindisfarne played Saturday. In little more than a year they would share a tour of Australia. Coz I Love You would be written and recorded within a month but at this moment they were still plugging Get Down & Get With It. I'd love to know what was in the set at this time.
Interesting to see Roy Wood with The Electric Light Orchestra. I assume they were one act at this point and this was during the period where he found he couldn't share the limelight with Jeff Lynne?

"... Slade fans riot at club
The presence of Slade caused a near riot in Scotland last week, when over 30 fans were arrested outside the Cosmos Youth Centre in St. Andrews. Over 500 fans had crossed the Tay Bridge from Dundee to attend Slade's performance, only to find the doors of the centre closed and a "members only" notice posted.
Police herded most of the youngsters back over the bridge, but some were charged with obstruction in the process. Meanwhile, Slade played to 1.000 inside the club."

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