The Missing Album

Slade Papers: Oct/Nov 1971 Fan Club Newsletter

.....Coz I Love You is to be released Oct. 8th......
Good News
On Oct. 19th, 20th & 21st, there will be a free showing of Slade while they record.....
General News

.... Unfortunately, the new album still hasn't been finalised....."

OK, so they're arranging for the Slade Alive recording session but their new album is having problems getting released. Play It Loud was released 28/11/1970 so that was well old and Slade Alive would not get released until 24/03/1972 and it wasn't even recorded yet. The fan club letters were sent, I believe, earlier than the months they represented otherwise the crowd at the Command Theatre would have really sucked?

This means that in the summer of 1971, Slade had a whole album ready to go. What does 'not finalised' in a fan newsletter mean. I would read that as
"we have a new studio album recorded but Chas ain't confident about releasing it yet."
Note that September was skipped in the newsletters with some pants excuse, I think Chas pulled it at the last minute.

Chances are it could have had:

Coz I Love You
Wonderin' Y
My Life Is Natural

Get Down & Get With It

Hear Me Calling
Look Wot You Dun
In Like A Shot From My Gun
Comin' Home
Keep On Rockin'

That would have been one tough album but my guess is it would have sunk like Play It Loud before Slade Alive and it was certainly not right after Coz I Love You's chart success. Of course, I'm only thinking of the obscure early tracks that I like but I guess it could have had a whole collection of 'never heard of' tracks. Unfortunately, it's far more likely to be Coz I Luv You, which for some reason never got a British release but was released in Holland?

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  1. It certainly would have been interesting to have had studio releases of those four live tracks, but I would settle for a Salvo release, with the Dutch cover and the following tracklisting:-
    Wild Winds Are Blowing
    Come On, Come On
    Get Down And Get With It
    Do You Want Me
    The Gospel Accordingly To Rasputin
    Coz I Luv You
    My Life Is Natural
    Look Wot U Dun
    Take Me Bak Ome
    Wonderin' Y