World Wide Web, Planet Earth. March 22nd, 2013

It is with a sad heart that I echo the sentiments made by my brothers in all things Slade. My philosophy has always been to remain neutral and stick to the facts. The facts in this case are, wrong is being done. Whether this wrong-doing is intentional, official, with or without the realisation of the band members, is totally irrelevant. The implications, repercussions and ramifications are diabolical. The loss of comments made by Randall Vincke alone are enough to make the blood boil. To paraphrase Dave Kemp:

From Roots To Boots totally condemns the start of the removal of all archive footage containing Slade songs and performances from YouTube, seemingly at the request of the so-called Slade Official Channel.

Numerous Slade fans, over the years, have taken time and effort to unearth and upload rare Slade footage to You Tube. These uploads were not made for financial gain of the individual up-loaders. The uploads were made to help promote and keep interest in the band that the individuals love and respect - SLADE.

For the Slade Official Channel to instruct for the videos to be taken down - never to be seen again - is unbelievable.