Fanfare For Europe

New Musical Express, December 9th, 1972
Common Market Palladium gig
Prime Minister Edward Heath bestowed the seal of Government approval on rock this week with the booking of Slade for their first ever appearance at the London Palladium on January 7. The gig celebrates the successful bid to take Britain into the Common Market.
This is the first event to be announced in a special two-week festival of major concerts - all in the first half of January and under the heading "Fanfare For Europe". They cover every aspect of music. Further details page 3.

Into the Common Market with
SLADE are to headline in concert at the London Palladium - the first time they have ever appeared at the world's most famous variety theatre - on Sunday, January 7, at the special request of the British Government. The event is being promoted by Great Western Festivals in conjunction with the Arts Council, on behalf of the Government, as part of the celebrations to mark this country's entry into the Common Market. The concert starts at 7.30 p.m., and the box-office opens next Tuesday (12) with tickets priced from 60p to £2.
This is the first event to be announced in the fortnight-long festival celebrating Britain's entry into Europe. A series of big name concerts is being organised, covering the whole musical spectrum, under the heading of "Fanfare For Europe;" Plans are in an advanced stage to book more leading pop and rock acts at other venues, as part of the festival, and details will be revealed next week.
Slade flew to Europe yesterday (Wednesday) for TV engagements in Germany, Holland and Belgium. When they return, they take a month's holiday, interrupted only by the palladium gig. Two new concerts have been set for the group at Weston-super-Mare Winter Gardens (January 13) and London Edmonton Sundown (15). They then fly to Australia, where they open their Far East tour in Sydney on January 23. 

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