Longhair Slade

Great Hall, Derby.  December 4th, 1970

                           Longhair Slade Sock The Rock

THE true sounds in progressive rock hit Derby like never before on Friday, and left everyone at the Great Hall, Kedleston Road, wondering if it was all really true, writes RICHARD COX.

Slade, the ex- skinhead group, who had to change their image to get bookings, more than made up for Swegas, who had a breakdown and could not make it.

Slade whined and wailed, beat and brayed their way through some of the all-time greats like 'Comin' Home' and 'Born To Be Wild'.

Slade have never really come across on record or radio, but their stage act is incredible.  Dave Hill (lead) spurred by the vocals of Maria Callas made his custom-built Gibson rear up and fight, especially in "Tudor Baker" [*] which was good, fast and freaky.

Straight from rock

In  Kier Hardie-type hat, Noddy Holder, second lead and lead vocals, ranged from pure aggression to pure beauty in more traditional style straight from the rock era. During the first spot he stood stock still, played and sang, in direct contrast to Dave, who pranced and danced as if there were another reason for his tight pants.

Jim Lea, bass and fiddle, showed amazing violin prowess on "Knights In White Satin."

Drummer Don Powell is shortly to change his kit to what he hopes will be the biggest and loudest in the country.  And he needs it.

                                                                      RICHARD COX, DERBY EVENING TELEGRAPH

[*] = See the Comments Column, below!

This article was stolen from 'Slade In England'.  Thanks to David Graham for his endless resolve. His 'Slade In England' produce is legendary and most of the previously unreleased Slade minutiae available has been made possible because of him.

My thanks to Chris 'The Historian' Selby for his relentless research. It is said, in certain circles, that Walsall Archives have a seat reserved specifically for him and that Wolverhampton archives consult him when searching the Express & Star.

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  1. [*] = Richard Cox probably misheard the title of this song? ( Well, it WAS Loud, after all! ) There is no such song and it would probably actually have been "Dirty Joker" that they were performing here!
    My thanks go to Dave Graham of Slade In England for clearing that up for me!