Pop Shop: The Video

French TV, circa November 1971

Hear Me Calling

Coming Home

Darling Be Home Soon

Coz I Luv You

Get Down With It

Born To Be Wild

The full set can be found on DVD (although not officially) and nobody should pay more than a minimal fee for p+p to obtain a copy.


Pop Shop: Belgium

Belgium TV, circa December 1971
Slade,1971,Pop Shop,Belgium,Coming Home
"POPSHOP, was a Belgium TV show that provided pop for the wacky European teenagers of the day.
Six tracks lifted from video tape of the set, the rarity value being placed on Coming Home a Delaney & Bonny track that was at the time a constant in their live set.
Holder introduces the track as being from the soon to be released seminal LP SLADE ALIVE, it never of course appeared on the LP, so it's very handy that we have this live version of it here."
Dave GrahamSlade In England
This Belgium broadcast was recorded in December at the Pop Deux Studios in Brussells and probably broadcast around Xmas 1971. Holder refers to Slade Alive coming out soon and the important track here, Coming Home, written by Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett is supposed to feature on the album. Oddly enough, the entire setlist was intended to feature on Slade Alive (as a double album) but Holder only remarks on Coming Home, a track that didn't make the release. A shame it didn't happen but at least we can hear it here.
Slade,1971,Pop Shop,Belgium,Coming Home
  • Hear Me Calling
  • Coming Home
  • Darling Be Home Soon
  • Coz I Love You
  • Get Down With It
  • Born To Be Wild
Slade,1971,Pop Shop,Belgium,Coming Home

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