Who`s Goin` Nuts With Us?

Germany, Bravo #34 August 1973

"Who`s goin`nuts with us?"

Now We're Packing In The German Fans

“When we hit the stage, all hell breaks loose” says Slade singer Noddy Holder.
Slade: That`s the most colourful Rock-Machine in the world. 

Wild. Funny. Crazy and explosive.
In November the Band`s coming to Germany. BRAVO is showing everything about the most super red hot show of Slade yet.

Here you can see the four Guys in Action. Much more on the following Page…

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At London`s Earls Court, Slade show how they gonna triumph over Germany:

“...we'll make you all crazy!”
I`ve seen the Beatles, the Stones, the Faces, the Sweet – But the events this Sunday at London`s 18000 seat Earls Court Arena  truly top everything.
Slade Fever  broke lose, the whole of London was turned upside down. Wandering the city like ghosts, there were thousands of Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Jim Lea and Don Powell look-a-likes. The craziest happy crowd I've ever seen.

High heeled, silver platform boots, large checkered,  'too short' trousers, glitter jackets, glitter on faces, a photo of Slade pinned to the chest like a medal and the famous Noddy Holder Top Hat on the head – the fans dressed themselves for the biggest show Slade ever played.
“This is not going to be a concert, it`s going to be a Super-Party” Lead guitarist Dave Hill warns me.
8 pm at Earls Court, the atmosphere is at it´s boiling point. 18000  Fans are shouting.
“We want Noddy, We want Dave."

Suddenly the lights went out, and louder than everything Noddy`s Grater Voice sounds from the stage: “Is everybody crazee?” “Yeah!” is the answer in thousands of voices. Spotlights flaring up. Next, the wildest Rock-Machine of the world is running hot.
Legs apart, Noddy stands in front of the stage and starts with ”Mama Weer All Crazee Now” staggering over the stage in a wobbling walk, his voice belts through the microphone. He keeps his vocal chords going with a special brew of Whisky, Tea and Honey.
Dave Hill staggers around like a mixture of a clown and magican. He`s the girls favourite. 
Once coming too close to the edge of the stage where the many hands nearly pulled him off the stage.. But he loves his fans and doesn't worry too much about it.
“It`s the best feeling in the world, when Teens are getting crazee cos of our show, when everybody`s going berserk, stomping and raving around, then I know we are getting it right!

Noddy and Dave are the Slade Showmen, Jimmy and Don are the opposite, much more shy. Jimmy is concentrating on his bass and still can hardly believe that the fans are shouting for him, he looks (a little helpless) towards Don Powell who`s sitting enthroned behind his drum kit. He enjoys his reputation for playing the hardest drums in the world..Ten pair of drumsticks each show… he`s proud to sacrifice them.
Slade`s show lasts two full hours..the last tune they play is there latest Hit “Skweeze me, Pleeze me” There`s no need for Noddy and Dave to sing the Chorus…it´s performed by the 18000 Fans.

The end sees flowers, jackets, hats…even huge bras raining down onto the stage.
Noddy, Dave, Jim and Don are happy. They know that there`s few other group getting so much love from its fans as Slade.
That`s why they`re desperately looking forward to the German Tour in November:”We'll make you all crazee.” Noddy promise me afterwards..”Just like you witnessed here at Earls Court”
Gerald Büchermeier

Noddy Holder stands in the limelight every show.  But behind the scenes...

No glitz, no glimmer - the Slade look for rehearsal. Don, Jimmy, Noddy and Dave: 
"Our show is hard work. The fans don't usually see that..." 

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A great big thank you to Martin in Mönchengladbach and Ralle in Duisburg, for supplying the media and translation for this wonderful piece of memorabilia that captures the excitement of July 1973 perfectly.
"BRAVO was a weekly Mag, always on Thursdays and this particular Bravo was the first ever Pop Mag I bought myself.
I remember a two page announcement in the "POP" Magazine late October 1973 announcing a Slade Tour in November but it was just five dates... Mannheim, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg (the promo Footage) and the other date was possibly Vienna (not in Germany)."
Dragula: Slade In Wales 
It seems odd that no mention is made of the horrific accident that left Angela Morris dead and Don Powell critically injured. The accident left many in doubt as to whether he would ever play again. We have yet to find confirmation of the German dates taking place but Powell's incredible recovery makes it seem highly likely.