Slade Alive! 2009 Re-Issue


Originally released on the 24th March 1972, the group's critically acclaimed and most loved live album, instantly recognisable in it's bright red 'negative image', gatefold sleeve. This album became a Rock Icon almost overnight and 37 years later it still regularly turns up in 'All Time Greats' lists. Since there are still many audiophiles out there that still appreciate great rock music and the warmth of analogue sound, some wise man decided to push for a special vinyl release of Slade Alive! This 180 gram audiophile pressing in a replica gatefold sleeve has been skilfully remastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio and released on Salvo Records. Salvo is Union Square Music's collector's label and they have had the job of remastering the Slade catalogue. In the collection Slade Alive! was bundled into the Live Anthology along with Slade Alive Volume 2 , Slade On Stage and the Reading EP's. Although it makes a good collection, Slade Alive! clocks in at just over thirty eight minutes and that may have tipped the scales for bundling the Live Anthology but this is iconic and the seven track album is a stand alone piece.

  • Hear Me Calling
  • In Like A Shot From My Gun
  • Darling Be Home Soon
  • Know Who You Are
  • Keep On Rocking
  • Get Down And Get With It
  • Born To Be Wild
The artwork is well presented, a good quality card, a high sheen finish replaces the matt, same bright red colour but this time the black is BLACK.

On the front, in the bottom right corner, a neat little Salvo logo replaces larger Polydor original. I have adjusted the contrast on my original cos its a bit blanched nowadays.

On the rear, the top right corner cat no is no longer required

and once again the original bottom left Polydor logo is replaced

but this time its accompanied by the ugly regulation bar-code.

Inside, all the original artwork remains, again it's all sharp as a pin. I won't reproduce the gatefold art because it is exactly the same as the original except for the credits below.

On the left hand side along the bottom we have extra credits. A small unobtrusive and neatly designed USM credit...

...and a larger, bolder, Newman & Co. address

The main visible difference on the cover is the spine info

It's strange seeing the Salvo Info instead of the familiar Polydor Super 2383 101

Removing the disc, the weight difference is considerable. The label has been designed to look familiar whilst being clearly different.

After the SALVO logo, the first thing you notice is the addition of 2009 Whild John Music above 1972 Whild John Music. The 1972 is no longer beneath the A for A side. The surrounding writing has some additional Re-Mastered info but otherwise, all looks very much the same.

If you click on the spine you'll notice that SLADE ALIVE! is all that is stated. On the original, SLADE was to the left, SLADE ALIVE! in the middle and POLYDOR SUPER 2383 101 to the right.

I guess the most important thing is, when placed on the turntable, to  these 50 year old damaged ears, it sounds fresh and vibrant just the way it should. The high end heard on Tim Turan's CD re-mastering is not apparent here. On my average 'budget spec' turntable with a reasonable quality stylus, both copies of vinyl are the same except for a less muffled sound on this re-master. The tambourine is more apparent in the intro to Hear Me Calling and there is no sound sway when the track kicks in. It's a good, healthy, balanced sound and a very authentic package. It makes me want to buy a new turntable.

Officially released on April 13th but, due to delays, look for it as from 28th September.