Coz I Luv You (German Re-Issue 1974)

Karussell Records - 3272 107

This album was a budget label German release, cashing in on the recent success of Slade. Karussell re-issued the Polydor international release which was difficult to get in the UK. This album became a sought after release for fans because the B-Sides would never feature on any official Slade LP.

"About this record: >>Slade<< had already written Pop-History about ten years ago, when the band had short hair and wore Bovver Boots and studded Jeans. Later they prefered multi-coloured fantasy costumes, without losing the special attraction of their music. With their fueling Rock, they were often in the chart and their audience - average age 16 - loved them. The best of them on this album, in original versions." *
Jörg Lietzberg
Despite Jörg's notes, I'm confident that I purchased this particular release circa 1974. Although nobody seems to have a release year on it, the next sequential Karussell release (a Gloria Gaynor re-issue) seems to be a 1975 release which helps towards confirming my suspicion.

  • Coz I Luv You
  • Dapple Rose
  • My Life Is Natural
  • Angelina
  • Candidate
  • Sweet Box
  • Look Wot You Dun
  • Could I
  • Raven
  • Gospel According To Rasputin
  • Shape Of Things To Come
  • Get Down & Get With It

The Cover Art is here 8.36 MB