A Message From The Slade Management Team

Dear All,
I'm pretty sure we all agree that it would be nice to put together a DVD featuring the band’s audio/visual performances. The visuals and the sound quality need to be first class and the problem with much of the footage that’s been around is that the quality isn't up to standard.
So, in short, a professional compiler may be engaged to whom all proposals and suggestions can go, together with indications regarding available footage and its source, location and quality and then a decision will be made on which tracks can be included in the “Ultimate Videography”.
Bootlegs will not be tolerated as "Noddy, Jim and The Band" are the copyright owners. 
A little bit of niceness between interested parties would not go amiss...
Kind regards,
Colin Newman"
Announced on The Slade Archive Forum, Colin Newman (the man in control of 'all things Slade'). are very interested in what we have to offer. This is a good opportunity to get a real lasting visual artefact of the band's legacy. USM/Salvo are not currently involved, this is literally Colin Newman showing interest in the 'possibility' of a project.
A USM Spokesman said:
"If it ever gets off the ground, it may well be something that we release but nothing has been decided as yet.
Mr Newman is determined that any such project should be of very high quality...
I think it’s a question of whether decent quality footage can be sourced at a realistic price because DVDs are usually expensive to put together and frequently those that control the footage (TV companies) have unrealistic financial expectations that can scupper the project. The footage almost always needs cleaning up, converting to new formats etc. anyway so that’s where more money goes
I do hope it goes ahead though and at least Mr Newman has gone public that he and the band are keen on the idea, which is a pre-requisite for anything to happen...."
Long lists of what we believe is hidden away are pointless, as are claims of 'conspiracy theories' and the like.  The Slade/Colin Newman project team are interested in compiling a high quality video anthology, let's try to ensure they don't lose interest. 

YouTube links are very useful in showing that the material exists, but a YouTube video isn't likely to make it to DVD. I think what we need is for people who have good quality videotape, film, etc. to contact Colin Newman with details of what they have and the source and quality of the material. 

Colin Newman
Regent House
1 Pratt Mews