Staffordshire 1960

In the United Kingdom during the 1960's, Midland Beat was a genre of its own. The central area of England is logically referred to as the Midlands and it seemed to have more than its fair share of musical aptitude. Many, like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, were born and bred there while others, like Cream, spent a lot of time learning their craft there.

This area would spawn one of the UK's biggest exports of the 70's, certainly in Europe. There is no doubt that the members of Slade grew up listening to the music of artists such as Buddy HollyThe Everly BrothersCliff Richard and The Shadows right through to the biggest icons of the 1960's. The Beatles influence would be prevalent throughout the group's career.



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There are Pop bands, there are Rock bands and then there are musical institutions. All three of these descriptions apply to this four man, hit making machine from the West Midlands. With a string of misspelt chart toppers, an outlandish wardrobe and a killer, live act that was second to none. Slade's achievements during the 1970's were little short of phenomenal: their crunching rock 'n' roll and crazee antics would inspire acts such as Kiss, Kurt Cobain, Oasis, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Darkness and even comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, to pick up guitars. And what's more, the stunning re-birth from a career slump during the following decade revealed an enviable stubborn streak and tenacity worthy of only the rare few.

Slade were a top notch group that were dragged into the black hole of Glam Rock, a short lived fad that deflected from who they really were, one of the world's greatest Rock bands. Loud, gregarious and, above all, entertaining with an affable, rabble-rousing demagogue up front.
"Slade were down to earth and honest, and it's a real shame there's not more bands around like them, as you won't find this kind of honesty in the record business these days; mores the pity."
Dennis Munday: Ex Polydor Marketing October 2012
Here, we tell the story of one of the UK's most underrated groups. This is the story of Slade, told in a genealogical manner with the factual evidence to back it up where possible. The main source information comes from:

'Feel The Noize' by Chris Charlesworth

'Genesis Of Slade' sleevenotes by John Howells

'Who's Crazee Now?' by Noddy Holder

( Paperback Version. )
( Hardback Version. )

Most of the 'new' info comes from the Wolverhampton (and surrounding areas) newspaper archives scoured by Chris Selby, without whom, this site would not be possible. Please bear in mind that local newspapers, like all newspapers, use artistic licence when reporting. For the purposes of this project, we are interested, first and foremost, in the date. The posts run chronologically, the early years are listed under 1971 because that's the earliest date Blogger can handle.


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Ray Kimpton re: The Phantoms 1963
Alan re: Dortmund Habenera 1965,
Allie Keith re: John Conlan at Sundown 1972,

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UK, 2018 and Beyond.....

Jim Lea - Lost In Space

18th May, 2018 - Digital Download Single.
Wienerworld. : -

 ( Limited Edition One x Track Promo. CDr Single! )

Jim Lea - Lost In Space ( RADIO EDIT ) :-

22nd June, 2018 - 6 x Track CD EP and Digital Download EP.
Wienerworld - WNRCD5103.

Jim Lea - Lost In Space ( E.P. ) :-
1. Lost In Space
2. What In The World
3. Megadrive
4. Pure Power
5. Going Back To Birmingham
6. Through The Fire

(To pre-order or order this EP, visit https://www.wienerworld.com/jim-lea-lost-in-space.html!)

Well-respected Sladefan, Ian Edmundson  has very kindly agreed to do a Preview/Review of Jim's new EP for this blog, so, without any further ado, take it away, Ian.....

'Lost In Space' by Jim Lea

Reviewed for www.slayed.co.uk by Ian Edmundson.

Jim Lea - Lost In Space


This is Jim’s first major studio release of any note since 2007’s Therapy album. That album was reissued with a collection of bonus tracks, not much of which sounded anything like his old band. That will have pleased some and baffled others.

This EP came about as Jim was asked to put a collection of tracks for release.

This version of the lead track on the EP features a much more involved arrangement than on the radio edit promo single and download. It’s commercial enough to do well, if it gets the radio plays. Lyrically Jim is having a bit of fun and it’s a bit of a word game, relying on rhyming words rather than any theme - as are most of his songs - rather than having any great message. He’s quite fond of this track, as it is more of a pop song than the other tracks on the EP. Jim pays all instruments and the strings throughout flesh out the backing beautifully.

Jim said: “Lost in Space was written deliberately as a pop song. Of all the songs I have come up with, this is one of my favourites. The ideas portrayed in the song are of someone spending their life living in an inner world, virtually oblivious to normal life. Some might say I have unwittingly written about myself!”

This song could easily have been a latter period Slade single, album track or at worst, a b-side. It has elements of songs like I’ll be there and Run runaway. However it is lyrically superior to an amount of Holder’s later lyrics. It refers to the big party at the Millenium, so you have to wonder when this song actually dates from. All of the tracks on this EP after the title track sound like they were recorded during the same session. Jim plays everything and it certainly sounds like Slade to an extent. But of course musically, Slade was always Jim’s baby, so it should be no surprise. The clue to this song’s origins may come from hearing the next track.

This song appeared on the WHILD EP from 1999. That EP did not sell particularly well, so the inclusion of such a good song here is quite forgivable. It appears to be the exact same recording and mix. Would Slade have gone in this direction, had they stayed together? It’s a driving, rocky, little song, harking back to the feel of Radio Wall Of Sound, with a great acapella section at the end. Jim's singing style on this is a sort of tired croaky drawl in places, which suits a number of these songs.

Jim Lea goes heavy. This has a fantastic groove and while it’s basically a twelve-bar blues, it has a great unison riff that sounds fresh and new. Lyrically, Jim has some fun again. A great chorus. I would personally have picked this as the lead track on the EP. The key change solo section is reminiscent of Slade and ZZ Top. Quality stuff.

This song was played at the 2002 Jim Jam gig (which again helps us to date the song) and appeared on the Live at the Robin CD. It has a great groove, similar in a way to ‘Fire’ by Jimi Hendrix, a track that Jim must have grown up with. Cracking stuff.

The Hendrix influence is still there. A great melodic rocker. Good lyrics and the ad libs under the guitar solo are pure Hendrix (remember "Move over Rover, let Jimi take over"). If the guitar solo was not up to it, this could have come off badly by comparison, but Jim throws in a great solo.

All of the tracks on this sound like they are played by a band, rather than one man, alone in the studio, which is quite an achievement. Jim's vocal style is far more assured and confident than one may have expected. The playing is concise and disciplined and the songs are all fully-formed. Creditably, for a one-man band, he certainly manages to generate a great live-in-the-studio feel. I suspect that the drums on all of these tracks were put together on a Linn drum or a similar sequenced machine, as no drummer is credited.

This release came about when Jim was asked to submit six songs for an EP. He should maybe have been asked to put forward a dozen and have called it an album.

Penny Valentine

PENNY VALENTINE - (1943-2003)  R.I.P.

Those of you who are old enough to remember reading the Disc & Music Echo in the seventies will be no stranger to the name of arguably  the UK's finest female music journalist, who sadly passed away in 2003.

You can read a fitting obituary to Penny over here.

The American Promo Singles

U.S.A., 1971 to 1985

Many of the Single Edits, which were freely available to D.J.'s in the USA have never been released on CD format, as most of them came as Mono / Stereo versions of the A-Side. These Mono mixes need to see the light of day!

August, 1971

December, 1971

March, 1972

May, 1972

November, 1972

February, 1973
The USA 7" Promo. Single of "Gudbuy T' Jane" was the Stereo Mix on both sides!

May, 1973

July, 1973

September, 1973

February, 1974

May, 1974

September, 1975

April, 1976

These last three USA 7" Promo. Singles were also Stereo Mixes on both sides:-
March, 1984

June, 1984

April, 1985

My thanks to Chris 'The Historian' Selby for his relentless research. It is said, in certain circles, that Walsall Archives have a seat reserved specifically for him and that Wolverhampton archives consult him when searching the Express & Star

Various Compilations

A look at some of the other Compilations released!

POLYDOR - 2482 400
Best Of Slade
Cum On Feel The Noize
Look Wot You Dun
Gudbuy T' Jane
One Way Hotel
Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me
Pouk Hill
The Shape Of Things To Come
Take Me Bak 'Ome
Coz I Luv You
Wild Winds Are Blowin'
Know Who You Are
Get Down And Get With It
Look At Last Nite
Mama Weer All Crazee Now

1972, Germany - Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Club Edition
Polydor - 28 689-8
The Best Of Slade

A1. Coz I Luv You
A2. Know Who You Are
A3. Gospel According To Rasputin
A4. Wonderin' y
A5. My Life Is Natural
A6. Hear Me Calling
B1. Look Wot You Dun
B2. Darling Be Home Soon
B3. Candidate
B4. Take Me Bak 'Ome
B5. In Like A Shot From My Gun
B6. The Shape Of Things To Come

1976, - FRENCH IMPORT, - DOUBLE LP, 24 Tracks
2 Disques - SLADE
A1. Gudbuy T' Jane
A2. Raven
A3. Let The Good Times Roll
A4. Wild Winds Are Blowing
A5. I Don't Mind
A6. I Remember
B1. Look Wot You Dun
B2. Pouk Hill
B3. Gudbuy Gudbuy
B4. Angelina
B5. Look At Last Nite
B6. Miles Out To Sea
C1. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
C2. Know Who You Are
C3. Dirty Joker
C4. Move Over
C5. Coz I Luv You
C6. I Won't Let It Happen Again
D1. Get Down And Get With It
D2. Skweeze Me Pleeze Me
D3. One Way Hotel
D4. Just Want A Little Bit
D5. Could I
D6. Darling Be Home Soon

1980, - AUSTRALIAN IMPORT, 10 Tracks
POLYDOR - 2475 675
Rock Legends
A1. Coz I Luv You
A2. Look Wot You Dun
A3. Get Down And Get With It
A4. Darling Be Home Soon
A5. Gudbuy T' Jane
B1. Take Me Bak 'ome
B2. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
B3. Just Want A Little Bit
B4. Hear Me Calling
B5. Know Who You Are

The History Of Rock:  Volume Twenty One
B1. Coz I Luv You
B2. Look Wot You Dun
B3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
B4. Gudbuy T' Jane
B5. Cum On Feel The Noize
B6. Skweeze Me Pleeze Me

Germany, 1990 - CD, Album
Bear Tracks - BTCD979411

The Slade Story / The Story Of Slade Vol. 1

Germany, 1990 - CD, Album
Bear Tracks - BTCD979412

The Slade Story / The Story Of Slade Vol. 2

Germany, 1990 - CD, Album
Bear Tracks - BTCD979414

The Slade Story / The Story Of Slade Vol. 3

The Slade Collection  81 - 87

Germany, 22nd April, 1991 - Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
RCA - NL74926

UK / Europe, March, 1991 - CD, Album, Compilation
RCA - ND 74926

UK / Europe, 1996 - CD, Album, Compilation
RCA - 74321 37901 2

UK / Europe, 1996 - CD, Album, Compilation
BMG - 74321 37901 2

UK, 1996 - CD, Album, Compilation, RE-ISSUE
Castle Communications - CCSCD 444
( - "The Collector Series")

UK / Europe, 1999 - CD, Album, Compilation
Polydor - 547 409-2

The Slade Collection, Vol. 2  -  79 - 87

UK / Europe, December, 1993 - CD, Album, Compilation
BMG - 74321 18186 2

UK / Europe, 1993 - CD, Album, Compilation
RCA - 74321 18186 2

UK / Europe, 1993 / 1999 - CD, Album
Polydor - 547 410-2

UK / Europe, 1993 - CD, Album, Compilation
Perseverance, Ltd. - 547410-2

In 2007, Salvo gathered both of the above two "Collection" CD's together, Remastered them and Re-packaged them both in one Double CD:-

UK, 2007 - CD, Album
Salvo - SALVOCD205

USA, 23rd March, 2004 - CD, Album
Shout! Factory - DK 34008

Get Yer Boots On:  'The Best Of Slade'

UK / Europe, 2006 - CD, Album
Salvo - SALVOCD001

Beginnings / Play It Loud

UK / Europe, 2nd October, 2006 - CD, Box Set
Salvo - SALVOBX401

The Slade Box (A 4 CD Anthology 1969-1991)

UK, 2011 - CD, Box Set
Salvo - SALVOSBX454

(Reissue 4 x CD's in Foldout Digipak.)

UK, 17th April, 2007 - CD, Album
Salvo - SALVOCD204


Russia, 2008 - 2 x CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release, Digipak
Star Mark - 16444-1/2, Polydor (2) - 16444-1/2
( A Limited Edition Release of 500 x Copies!)

Slade  Greatest Hits

Russia, 2006 - CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue, Unofficial Release
SRS Records - ZZ-XXSS0001 489

Gospel According To Noddy!

A couple of oddities, here:-

Europe, 2003 - CD, Album
Classic Rock Productions - CRL 1588

Inside Slade  The Singles  1971 - 1991


(Clearly, "Live At The BBC" Re-packaged!)

UK, 10th November, 2015 - Box Set
Salvo - SALVOBX412

This Box Set came in two formats - Standard Edition (of 5,000!) and Numbered Limited Edition (of 725!) Deluxe Verions:-

UK, 4th December, 2015 - Box Set
Salvo - SALVOBXL412

When Slade Rocked The World  1971 - 1975

To view the entire contents of both versions of the above Lavish Box Set, click on here and here!
 This "Annual"-type Book was included in both versions of this box set!

( An unusual Russian Compilation CD :- )

(For even more Compilation Albums, plus an extensive Universal Discography, visit Collectadisc, here!)