Is Everybody Crazy?

Luxembourg, 1992 - CD, Unofficial Release
Oh Boy - OH BOY 1-9154

In 1992, Slade had split up, so new Slade releases were few not going to happen, so when this new Bootleg CD happened along, it became the next welcome addition to the Slade fans' music collections!

The Slade - Is Everybody Crazy?

1. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
2. Candy Man
3. Gud Buy T' Jane
4. Far Far Away
5. How Does It Feel?
6. Move Over
7. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
8. Gud Buy T' Jane

(Tracks 1-5: Recorded Live In Europe, 1972
 Tracks 6-8: Recorded Live In San Francisco, CA)

A mention must also be given to Dave Kemp, who kept The Slade International Fan Club going for many years after the band's split, and published this excellent Discography Book for the fans!

For the complete history of the various fan clubs over the years, click on Dave Kemp's Slade Fan Club Archive here.

(And, check out this blog post, here too!)

My thanks to Chris 'The Historian' Selby for his relentless research. It is said, in certain circles, that Walsall Archives have a seat reserved specifically for him and that Wolverhampton archives consult him when searching the Express & Star

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