Isle Of Arran 1971

Whiting Bay, July 29th, 1971

Slade spent a lot of time in Scotland in general, collecting a loyal following over the years. They visited the Isle of Arran during their 1971 tour. Situated in south-western Scotland, in the Firth of Clyde near Glasgow. It's the seventh largest island in Scotland but, being the southernmost of the Scottish islands, isn't part of the Hebrides. Located close to Glasgow and Scotland's Ayrshire coast, Arran is a popular and an easily accessible tourist destination.

Arran had no local paper until 1974, entertainment details were passed out on flyers. Slade played Whiting Bay on the Isle of Arran, on Thursday 29th July 1971 with a Scottish band called Sleaz Band, from Dundee, as support. The lucky audience got entertained from 9:30 - 1 for a 45p entrance fee. 

They also returned to play again in September that same year. This time they were accompanied by Nazareth and a new Irish band called "Thin Lizzie".
"The three bands did not actually line up together but played one or two nights approx each weekend through that summer along with alex harvey band and dundee rockers The Sleaz Band, I saw Slade on three consecutive nites with Sleaz band the support act at Whiting bay Lamlash and Brodick hall friday saturday and sunday. That was entertainment at its best,"
musicman 2008-10-14
Not wishing to embarrass you there Musicman but you're wrong. "Mini Festival at Lamlash: Slade,  Nazareth & Thin Lizzy compered by the incomparable Tom Ferrie". Although it isn't dated, I suspect it was a Bank Holiday weekend, probably 26th September 1971. Tom Ferrie remembers little but the hangover from the after party.

Stumble, who were popular chart band at the time, are supported by a disco on the Saturday, Sleaz are still on the bill supporting Thin Lizzie (sic) and compere Tom Ferrie rides again. The Corries were a Scottish folk group that emerged from the Scottish folk revival of the early 1960s. They were promoting their 1970 album 'Strings and Things' and approaching the peak of their success. Arran must have had a great weekend?

I'm indebted, as always, to Chris Selby for turning up this incredible memorabilia. Our man in the Black Country has contacts in remote Scotland. There is apparently no limit to his resources. 


Anonymous said...

Regarding Arran music festival 1971. I remember most of it! Saw Thin Lizzie, Slade but don,t remember Nazareth at a hall in Lamlash. My friend Gordon sold his poems outside the venue (50p a time) to get money for the entrance fee without much luck. Eventually got in free through back door with help of my glam lady friend. Was an amazing concert. Didn,t really know who Thin Lizzie were at that time but Slade were great. There was a police presence (drafted in from mainland) to keep things under control. Free bus trip back to Brodick was a very drunken and chemical experience. At Brodick we slept in a hut on the pier and then caught ferry back to Ardrossan in the morning. Also saw the Northern Lights (aurora Borealis) that evening, although this may have been chemically induced. Great memories. Deep Joy!

Mickey P. said...

What great memories, it must have been good to see Slade without the glam, glitter and pop chart expectation.

Just a damned good rock & roll band. Always wanted to see the northern lights too, 'au naturel' preferably but nice to tie it in to heighten any other experience.

bhoys71 said...

I remember attending that concert in the early 70's, Noddy Holder had the big bovver boots &the braces, I also remember he got electrocuted from the mike during one of his songs, he was jumping & shaking around on the stage, we all thought it was part of his act.

little plum said...

The Nazareth concert I attended in Whiting Bay was during the Easter weekend, I remember an old school pal telling me about his journey over to Arran and meeting the band members on the ferry and helping them with their gear.

Unknown said...

I remember Slade and Thin Lizzie at Lamlash in '71. Great concert, as they would be called then man.
Also recall the half a dozen polis at gig being most unusual, Probably the September weekend due to the Increased numbers of punters, Arran only had a couple of Bobbies for the whole island in those days. Slade played previously as Ambrose Slade with their bass Guitarist on the electric violin for a few songs. What a band they were live in those days. Noddys voice could fill the hall on his own. Nothing but great memories from that period. We would be over there from Saltcoats. Easter, Paisley Fair fortnight and September weekend. For most of the Seventies. I can remember going back home one Glasgow Fair weekend as the Humblebums were playing in the Ingledene Hotel Ardrossan.First time I caught Connolly and Rafferty. What a gig, Rafferty was immense and the Big Yin was well on form....the closest iv'e come to wetting the old drawers...!

craig m said...

Craig M
I was a local boy in 1971 and I went to all the concerts. I was seriously impressed with Slade, Nazareth and Thin Lizzy. So much so that I became a musician and ended up playing support to Thin Lizzy a couple of years later in Belfast at Queens University. They were an outrageous band. The first time I saw Slade in Arran they were called Ambrose Slade. Long time ago but Arran was the place to be.

John Pitt said...

Thanks for your recollections, Craig. With those three bands playing there, it certainly WAS the place to be!
Hope you have enjoyable memories from supporting Thin Lizzy! I saw them in the early 70's in Spennymoor. ( Eric Bell was still with them! )

StevenHWicker said...

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