Top Of The Pops


"I used to go out with a girl called Caz (Caroline) whose dad was a mate of Harry Goodwin. He was the official photographer for TOTP . I got many photos from her, mainly Slade, Alice Cooper, Bowie, Marc Bolan and Sweet. They are still at my parents house packed in a box somewhere. The only ones at my house are these two Slade ones which I posted on the old forum a few years back. They have pride of place on my living room wall nowadays. I believe they were all taken at the TOTP studio but the only thing on the back of the photos is Harry Goodwin's details. He's still living and working - he's well into his 80's now and he recently had an exhibition in Manchester. He didn't remember me. Not surprising really as I was 16 when I last saw him and I'm 52 now!"
Tony Pye, Manchester

This one is from my personal collection, it states on the rear "belongs to John Gillespie OBE" and comes complete with (fake) autographs which have then been traced over. The top and bottom have been trimmed too, probably had 'Slade' and Polydor Records at the bottom. As I recall, acquiring the promo photo took a princely sum that was negotiated over a few days during which time, the pic got creased.

In the summer of '72 (as I recall), Johnnie Gillespie was the local ginger kid that was 'at least' two years younger than me. The humiliation of having to barter with 'a little kid'.... but I wanted that photo and I still think it's a damn good photo.

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