The Marquee Club

August 29th 1972

"The Marquee is one of rock's most famous landmarks. Originally on Oxford Street, it had already made its name as a jazz club before the R n' B groups started to come in. In 1964, it moved to a new home on Wardour Street. The Small Faces made their debut here on Tuesday 22 March 1966. They canceled an appearance at The Palais in Ilford in order to accommodate this gig. The gig was filmed by Canadian TV for a documentary on the London music scene."
Ambrose Slade often played The Marquee Club in London because it was good prestige. They would follow it up with an early morning set at another venue like The Temple, to make it financially worthwhile.

Having broken through with Slade Alive they played the Marquee on Tuesday 29th and two days later in the Midlands Bible*, The Express and Star, Thursday 31st August 1972, John Ogden reports...

OK, it's in black and white, it was filmed. It's at an excellent time in their career, I think that would represent Slade's most promising moment for me. Really on top of their game, four days after the release of Mama Weer All Crazee Now, not too much commercial success, little pretension.... if the footage of this gig was found, it would be definitive for Slade, bordering on iconic for 70's Rock.

It's possible that this is the TV appearance that was mentioned in the August/September 1972 Fan Club Newsletter (page 16, The Slade Papers: News In Brief). I guess the 'In Concert' reference must be the Radio 1 audio recording but there is, so far, no sign of film footage. Anybody know any different?

*Many thanks to Chris Selby for the E&S cutting


monsterpop said...

that would be absolutely amazing footage to see mate;-(
why are Slade the only feckin MASSSSSSSSSIVE band in history to have bugger all in their archives?
its just pathetic.
bands like Sweet/Trex/Queen ,,
and also many many other,lesser bands,,,
have masses of stuff released
box sets,,videos,,,
whereas Slade dont even have any bloody studio outtakes or alt versions/unreleased tracks/demos,,cos Chandler recorded over the tapes to save money?
my god,,,,,how sad is that!

Mickey P. said...

Don't be too despondent Zig.

Word is Slade are not a closed book yet. Something (probably from the Archives) is due for an official release in the not to distant future. I won't be getting too excited because we've been let down before BUT I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Whatever it may be, it better have good, interesting and accurate sleeve notes and photos cos I very much doubt they have anything we haven't heard? ;-)

Unknown said...

What a great club this article brings back memories