Major British Tour In November

New Musical Express, September 2nd, 1972

Slade will headline a nationwide British concert tour in November, manager Chas Chandler told the NME this week Dates are currently being lined up for the tour, which will visit key cities throughout the country. Meanwhile, the group fly out this weekend to commence an American tour with Humble Pie - it is due to run until September 17, but the U.S. promoters have already asked for it to be extended in view of the interest it has aroused. This means that the outfit will probably remain in the States until the end of the month.
Slade will interrupt their U.S. tour for a 24-hour whilrwind return flight to Britain on September 7, when they are the opening attraction at London's Mile End Sundown. But their U.S. commitments have forced them to postpone other September gigs in Britain, which were to have included Sutton Coldfield (2), Weston-super-Mare (9) and Redruth Flamingo (10).
Their Mile End gig will be Slade's only British appearance until the concert tour in November. On returning from the States, the outfit will devote two or three weeks to recording, then set out on a tour of Europe.
Referring to reports that Slade had caused some upset by dropping out of the Buxton Festival on September 16, manager Chandler commented: "Don't blame us - we never agreed to do it in the first place. The promoters kept on at us, but right from the start I told them it was unlikely we would be able to do it."

The Belfry

September 1972

"The Belfry appearance was originally listed for Saturday 2nd September 1972 but was cancelled due to "tour commitments"..the group issued a formal apology,signed by Noddy ,Dave ,Jim and John!, and rearranged for Saturday 30th September 1972."

Chris Selby
(Who's John??!!)

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