Slade Crazee!

Melody Maker, July 7th, 1973

SLADE’S Dave Hill and (below) the banner waving fans.


SLADEMANIA reached new heights this week as the band’s new single “Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me” jumped to the top of the MM chart in its second week of release and 20,000 fans crammed into Earls Court to see the Superyobs give the most sensational concert of their career.

The fans were decked out in style, totally emulating their idols. Top hats, glittery hair, check trousers, boots and braces were the uniform of the day. And salesmen dispensing Slade souvenirs – hats, scarves, badges, posters and books – did a roaring trade.

The group, who normally live at home in Wolverhampton, were besieged at their Swiss Cottage hotel over the weekend.

The Earls Court concert – which developed into a minor riot from the moment the group took the stage – was both recorded and filmed for a possible audio/visual album which the group may release around Christmas depending on the results. A compilation album of “The Best Of Slade” is planned for September release, and six weeks later a new studio album will be released. Most of this was recorded last week.

Although the Earls Court show was the last date of the group’s British tour, two additional concerts are now planned – both in the Isle Of Man. One takes place next Sunday, and the other on July 29. An enterprising boat owner has organised trips from Belfast to see the group.


This is the front cover article. Chris Charleworth covers the the gig on page 10 of Melody Maker.

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