...they were right to use a stand-in

Melody Maker, July 14th, 1973

…they were right to use a stand-in says Paul
by Dennis Detheridge

“It’s a terrible business but Slade were right to carry on with a stand-in drummer." said Paul McCartney in Birmingham last week as Wings neared the end of their British tour.

“We used a dep for Ringo in Australia,” he recalled. “I think how Slade have done it is great. They’ve done it very well.”

“It’s one of those things – either they lay off and lose momentum or they keep going with a dep, someone not as good, obviously.

“But the kids will dig it. They’ll understand. That’s the great thing about audiences. That’s the good thing about working live. That’s the kind of thing people do understand.”

“They will think it’s great of Slade to have even turned up. They’ll appreciate that they did it.”

Did an incident like the Don Powell tragedy make Paul worry about his own safety?

“No, I’ve never worried at all about driving,” He commented. “If I crash, I crash, but I’ve been lucky so far.”



The rest of the article is not Slade related.

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