Another B.B.C. L.P. ?

France, 2017 - Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release.
Verne Records - VER 55.

Slade - BBC Sessions 1969 - 1971:-

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The Slade Farewell Concert 2007

Over on Mickey' s sister blog, From The Archive, you can read all about this imaginary release on the blogpost here.

Slade Fest 2007
( Old, New,Bollocks And Blue )
The Gig That Never Was!

  1. Rock 'N' Roll Preacher
  2. We'll Bring The House Down
  3. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
  4. How Does It Feel
  5. So Far So Good
  6. Let The Good Times Roll
  7. One Eyed Jacks With Moustaches
  8. The Soul The Roll & The Motion
  9. Gudbuy T' Jane
  10. Far Far Away
  11. Don't Blame Me
  12. We're Really Gonna Raise The Roof
  13. Burning In The Heat Of Love
  14. It's Alright Buy Me
  15. All Of The World Is A Stage
  16. My Oh My

( ...And here is the 3xDVD Collection that never was! : - )

My thanks to Chris 'The Historian' Selby for his relentless research. It is said, in certain circles, that Walsall Archives have a seat reserved specifically for him and that Wolverhampton archives consult him when searching the Express & Star

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