The First Gig

Walsall Town Hall March 19th 1966

Holder's favourite line in his well rehearsed standard Slade interview is:

"Well, we got together in 1966 and we played our first gig as The 'N Betweens on the 1st April at Walsall Town Hall."
Unfortunately for Noddy, history records it differently. On the 1st April 1966, The 'N Betweens were in Newcastle. I think it's unlikely that they nipped back to bash out a show in Walsall too?

This gig at Walsall Town Hall is probably the one that Holder remembers and is generally believed to be the bands first gig together including Johnny Howells on vocals, of course. Saturday Night Dancing was a regular thing.. April 1st was a Friday, wouldn't be interesting to find out what was happening that night?

Walsall Observer, March 6th 1966

April 2nd was the Saturday and that night the group was Listen.

My utmost admiration goes to Mr. Selby again, leaving no stone unturned he produces yet another cutting to support the facts. The Wolverhampton Express & Star has been plundered for citation yet again.

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