1965 Gig Ads

Walsall Observer: January 15th 1965

The Sonnets were another Astra group that were being pushed on the same circuit. God alone knows what the Kenny Ball crowd made of The 'N Betweens though?

Walsall Observer: 17th April 1965

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates were well established band although this was their swansong period. Their last single Always And Ever only managed to reach #44 in April '64 but they'd had two Top 20 hits in '63. They were still a credible act for The 'N'-Betweens to be seen with. An interesting variant on the normal misspelling here.

Herald Express: 7th June 1965

The 400 Ballroom was a regular and essential venue. It was part of the Cornish Tour that Astra catered for and would be repeated by The 'N Betweens next year. I think they played regularly throughout the year but we have only found a spring and summer pattern at present.

Torquay Herald & Express: Saturday 3rd July

Steve Brett & The Mavericks were already 'Back by Public Demand'. Noddy and the lads obviously made an impact.

Express & Star: 23rd October 1965

The Blue Flame ad is interesting, this is the opening night gig on Sunday 24th October and it would later be the venue for the Jim Lea audition. It would appear to me that they were making a point, trying to get the spelling home. Three times: one apostrophe, no I and no bloody hyphen. It ain't rocket science!

Express & Star: 29th October 1965

As announced, this is the last gig before Germany. There were no UK performances by The 'N Betweens until December.

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