Jim On The Fiddle

Codsall, 27th November, 1966

From the Sunday Mercury

I suspect that it was this practice that led to the famous Slade anecdote of how Coz I Luv You was written. Noddy has told it many times and it revolves around Jim and Noddy having a regular warm-up routine, where they used to play Django Reinhardt & Stefan Grappelli jams before taking to the stage. It would appear that he forgot to mention that it actually began with Jim using his violin to combat pre-performance nerves?

My guess would be along the lines of Dave and Noddy discussing Jim's strange routine.
"Yeah, I know it helps with his nerves Nod but it's getting on mine. It's boring!"

"That's the trouble with those Music Acadmy's, they don't teach yer's the good songs. They teach you all the crap ones. Don't worry mate, I'll see if I can get him to play summat a bit more lively. I got a couple in mind that he'll probably enjoy."

"What's gettin' on yer nerves lads?"
It's a great picture and an interesting article. A nice opportunity to view Jim and his fiddle before he had the confidence to show off with it.

It really did become the epicentre of the show!

13th October 1980 at Hardstoft


Another great find by Chris Selby. The photos are taken by Jan Vischer and Ian Edmundson, I think?


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