New Years Eve 1965

Wolverhampton 7th. January 1966

Walsall Observer: January 7th 1966

A nice way to end the year, this article states that the group changed their name in September when they turned professional. I believe this aticle is misleading in that the group had been billed as The 'N Betweens since November 1964, at least! Another article announced that the group had turned professional on 8th March 1965?

Express & Star: Thurs 30th Dec 1965

Having returned from Germany, The 'N Betweens found themselves everybody's favourite. For our text only readers:
"Impossible Requests Department: German agents rang yesterday to ask if 'N Betweens could appear at one of their clubs for New Years Eve."
The demand was such that they were billed with The Searchers for "The New Year Dance of 1966" only seven days into the year. Directly underneath the above comment was this pre-announcement:

"Big night at the Civic Hall on January 7. The Searchers top the bill at a dance along with the Roulettes, 'N Betweens and the Soul Seekers."

The Astra Agency made quite a showcase of it, five groups in four hours, I would guess at forty five minute sets. I don't know about The Searchers but all the other bands were on the Astra Agency books. Stan Fielding was in attendance on the night. He was a local band leader who, along with Len Rowe and his son Peter Fielding, started Astra in early 1963.

Express & Star: Thursday 13th January 1966
"Best Group of the night, for me, were The 'N Betweens, who have improved tremendously in the last few months."
Stan Fielding was invited up on stage by Chris Curtis to sing with The Searchers. Fielding declined the microphone, choosing to play the drums instead. It's worth pointing out that The Searchers were at the zenith of their career, considered by some to be on par with The Beatles. Chris Curtis was considered by many to be mad as a hatter but most, including John Lennon, indulged him. He was using copious amounts of pharmaceuticals and would leave the band within the next six months.

Strangely enough, Cass Jones was also leaving The 'N Betweens and may have already announced his intention. By March they would be a different band and yet they were still good enough to hide their problems and play well enough to be considered 'best band of the night', clearly a very professional outfit.

Another great find down at Wolverhampton Archives by Chris Selby.

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