Tiles Club, London

August 25th, 1966

In August of 1966, The 'N Betweens played at Tiles , a Mod club in London. Tiles opened at 79-89 Oxford Street in March 1966. Despite a lot of promotion, many that played there remember it as 'lacking in atmosphere' but not The 'N Betweens

New Musical Express: August 25th, 1966

It was a basement club and The 'N Betweens were the support act to Crispian St. Peters who was at the zenith of his fifteen minutes of fame.
"We were playing Tiles with Crispian St. Peters and I walked up to him and said 'Hello Crisp, How's business?' The others couldn't believe it. I was only sixteen and he'd had a hit with Pied Piper..."
Jim Lea: Feel The Noize 1984 
'The Cassius Clay Of Showbusiness' did not honour Lea with a response and the band set about doing their show. During their performance, a tall freaky guy in a cowboy hat became very interested in them.
"We rarely played London so we weren't top of the bill. Halfway through our set, we noticed this really tall, streaky figure in the middle of the crowd. It was hard to miss him. Not only was he wearing a cowboy hat, which made him stick out head and shoulders above everyone else, he was also doing this freaky dancing."
Noddy Holder: Who's Crazee Now? 1999
After the show he walked into their dressing room and announced that he was going to make them stars. The freak turned out to be Kim Fowley, who was a somewhat eccentric but influential guru cum producer.
"I'm gonna make you stars. You guys pro-ject!"
Kim Fowley
Fowley and friends (he's in the middle)

Although the group were convinced he was mad, Fowley took them to a studio in London and recorded a version of You Better Run by The Young Rascals. Fowley's attention span was short but his influence, quite effective. He failed to make them stars but he did make them recording artists on a major label, not to mention their 'celebrity status' in the Wolverhampton area.

The 'N Betweens were back at Tiles in March 1967, this time as headliners. Big names such as The Animals, The Who and Otis Redding played Tiles during its two year run. Even Pink Floyd played there  (June 16th. the day they released 'See Emily Play') before it closed at the end of 1967.

In 1966 Jeff Dexter was host and DJ 'presenting all the soul & pop acts....' to a Mod crowd. He later started The Jeff Dexter Light & Sound Show as part of the emerging underground and psychedelic scene. When Tiles closed at the end of 1967 he took up residency at Middle Earth in Covent Garden with John Peel and later promoted and presented rock shows at The Roundhouse Chalk Farm, mainly under the Implosion banner...

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monsterpop said...

more stuff i didnt know

cheers Mickey;-)

knebla99 said...

Spent all night at the Tiles dubed up listening to Workin in a Coal Mine going down down down then we wandered around London feeling crap all next day spitting white stuff off our tongues as England beat Germany at Wembley.

John Wickenden

Mickey P. said...

That would be Friday 29th July 1966 John, a month before the 'N Betweens gig. What was the club like?

Anonymous said...

Use to go to the tiles 1967 -69.
Loved every minute, good music.
Parked the lambretta round the corner in Soho Square. Great place then.

Anonymous said...

Tiles was amazing. Used to travel up from South coast. Pilled up dancing Saturday night. Down lanes Sunday. Back to work Monday waiting for next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Was working in Liberty's in Regent Street during July and August 1967, with colleagues from Coventry college of art. We sometimes went to Tiles in our lunch hour, arriving back on the shop floor hot and sweaty!!
Carol McKee (nee Daffern).

Mickey P. said...

Thanks for your comment Carol, was it just a bar at lunchtime on a weekday or was there entertainment to? :-o

Peter Milton said...

I used to work at Thomas Cooks in Berkley Square. Went to most lunchtime sessions. Then back at night for evening sessions. The highlight was the Saturday nights all nighters. One thing that really stands out that the bar was NON ALCOHOL!
Peter Milton

Anonymous said...

Lunchtimes at Times were superb1

Dennis Shaw said...

dennis shaw of Prim n Proper, mentioned elsewhere in text said they also followed N'Betweens to Tiles club to play twice, on one occasion, the Saturday after Otis Redding had performed there the night before. So, when was this .1966? help my ageing memory!
dennis shaw

Mickey P. said...

Yes Dennis, this was 1966 and I know The NB's played at least one other date in '67.

Mick ;-)

Carlo Gennari - Italy said...

I spent a night at The Tiles in 1966 maybe during April. I was in London for the school trip, end of course
The concert was of “The Them”, Van Morrison had his trousers going down dangerously , from the stage threw carton with orange soda to the audience. I bought at the shop a steel bracelet with the name of my girlfriend. An evening that has indelibly marked my life. Regards and thanks to The Tiles
Carlo Gennari Italy

Preston said...

I was very lucky to be part of the swinging 60s and Tiles. I worked at Tiles from day one.working with ex Radio Luxembourg sound engineer Stan Cohensetting up the lighting and the Marshal Sound systems which was pretty awesome for the period.The opening night group were the Animals,for those with a glimmer of memory may remember a four eyed geek, dashing around the sound box, changing the house Amps from Vox to Marshall to Fender depending on what the bands would want, the equipment was that good!
Regards to all ....Preston Morris

Mike said...

Loved the tiles massive place. Blocked on dubbies(blues). Often went up west from south coast blocked and happy. Great times