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Padstow, Cornwall June 20th, 1966

OK, Comedy Group?

Well, Noddy has always claimed a great admiration for and the great entertainers. It wouldn't surprise me to find that he tried to include some comedy in the act, Max Miller cum Marty Feldman?

TV Stars...

In March 65 the E&S reported The 'N Betweens had been "invited as guests to Thank your Lucky Stars"

I know they were supposed to be on For Teenagers Only in '65 but Billy Diffey let them down and they didn't make it. Steve Brett had been on the program many times and Noddy was an Ex-Maverick. I have read that they were on local Midlands TV back in the 60's but it has never been confirmed. Don Powell cannot recall any TV appearances before their skinhead era. They were probably stretching the truth somewhat or should I say, Astra were?

"Latest record on Fontana"

Columbia, surely but even that hadn't happened yet? And then, what an odd co-incidence that they mistakenly used the record label that the boys would sign with 3 years later?

OK, I'm not a great believer in co-incidence so... I suspect that the group must of had some kind of link with Fontana Record Company. The strangest thing about this ad is that, it comes during the 'Cornish Tour' period, five days before John Howells officially leaves The 'N Betweens.

John Howells 'N Betweens had recorded on Barclay, The 'N Betweens would record on Columbia for Phillips. The group would soon have three separate recording offers but that would be announced next month.

On 28th April 1966 the Express & Star reported that The 'N Betweens were going to London to test for Polydor, this was followed a week later with a bit about them going to the "famous" Abbey Road studios.
It might be safe to assume that the group could make claims to having a record deal, but who was it offered to. At this point Astra would surely be supplying the hyperbole ahead of the event and it would seem that the five piece 'N Betweens had a Fontana offer and record in the pipeline. Was Howells a comedian or was he sharing the stage with one?


Many thanks to Chris Selby for his input and endless knowledge.


Anonymous said...

remember eating in Cat Stevens dads café, do the dubes or dreaded black bombers or treble dex go with Mickey Rowley Charlie Cornelius Will Harvey Donald Oman Teddy Higginbottom all Hackney lads and regulars at the Tiles then moved on the Temple after the Tiles Closed down see mungo jerry when they were unknown and Slade, White lightning with Jackie Lomax, East of Eden.Great Days.

Anonymous said...

Remember Stray, Groundhogs, Ten Years After all played the Temple

Mickey P. said...

Very interested in your 'unknown Slade' gig memories. Whatever you can remember?