The Man Behind Them

Midland Beat #28. January 1966 - Price 1s.

  No. 28.   JANUARY, l966.  Price 1s.

Findos Keepers  Pictures: JIM SIMPSON  The Montanas


Something shared by two of Wolverhampton's top groups, Finders Keepers and the Montanas, is the enthusiasm of their manager, Roger Allen, who spends as much time as possible with the groups he represents.
Roger doesn't send his groups off to Germany then sit back in Staffordshire hoping that everything goes off well for them. He makes a point of visiting the venues they are booked into to check on the conditions for himself.
Mr. Allen went with Finders Keepers to Cologne and accompanied the Monntanas to Dillsburg and Frankfurt. And he was with another of his promising groups, Sheila Deni and the Black Diaamonds, in Wuppertal.
Apart from sending his own groups to Germany, Roger negotiates appearrances for others over there, but any groups paying a visit arranged by his agency have the satisfaction of knowing that he has first-hand knowledge of the venues concerned.
"I would be pleased to hear from any professional groups interested in workking in Germany." comments Roger Allen, whose offices are at 30 Merridale Street West, Wolverhampton.
The Montanas record for Pye - their first release was "All That Is Mine Can Be Yours" - and will be having a new disc in the New Year.
Their line-up is: Johnny Jones (lead. singer), Bill Hayward (lead guitar), Terry Rowley (bass guitar) and Graham Crew (drums).
So far, Finders Keepers have only had a record issued in France and Germany, but they should have a British release soon.
They comprise: Roy Kent (lead singer), Alan Clee (lead guitar), Jake Ellcock (bass guitar), Ralph Oakley (rhythm guitar) and David Williams (drums).

No specific Slade content in this one but Roger Allen was an important cog in their wheel. This article gives him more credence and helps us remove him from the 'third rate agent' pigeonhole. My thanks to Chris Selby for tracking it down.

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