Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Joanne's, Bilston March 9th, 1965

The Skinhead cut must have been a breeze after this treatment. Interesting that Johnny Howells managed to get away with it though. It shows how indispensable he was from the management perspective.

The great thing about this article is that it gives us the date that The 'N Betweens turned professional. After playing Saturday the 5th of March 1965 at Walsall Town Hall with The Litter the band officially turned pro on Monday 8th March 1965.

In the traditional manner, their management cooked up a publicity stunt to get them into the paper and into the public consciousness. It has always been a big point of debate. Pop Stars on the TV with their "poofter hair do's", messing around with their hair, getting it 'set'. Now that the group were professional, their hair has to be professionally coiffed in a Ladies Hairdressing salon.

Midland Beat: July 1965

Hair seems to be a constant in the career of the group but at least this one is a Gents Stylist and he's proud of them.

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