Bruxelles October 25th, 1973

Forest National or Vorst Nationaal is a multi-purpose arena in Brussels, Belgium. The arena can hold more than 8,000 people. It hosts indoor sporting events, as well as music concerts. Slade were due to play there in October 1973 and the concert did take place and was recorded. The recording has been distributed, dated as 25th October which is the date that the concert was scheduled for.

During the recording, immediately prior to 'Cum On Feel The Noize', Noddy tells the audience "We're really sorry that we couldn't be here on Thursday but I was in the hospital." which suggests that the concert has been rescheduled. 
"....We had just come back from a, gruelling 8-9 week US tour..... 2 days off and back on a, 4 week tour of, Europe, starting at the, Forest National in, Brussels... 
We were due to fly out from, B’ham Airport, ( physically and mentally drained ) when Nod collapsed at the, airport. We all shouted, “stay down” so we could have a few more days off.  
That particular gig was, re-scheduled to the, last show on the, tour..... On that particular US  stretch, we only had, four days off during the, whole trip...."
The 25th October 1973 was a Thursday and, since Holder refers to Thursday rather than October, it's likely to be later that week.

My thanks to Chris 'The Historian' Selby for his relentless research. It is said, in certain circles, that Walsall Archives have a seat reserved specifically for him and that Wolverhampton archives consult him when searching the Express & Star

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