King Biscuit Flower Hour

America, February 18, 1973

The nationally-syndicated King Biscuit Flower Hour began broadcasting live rock concerts and artist interviews on FM stations in 1973, and today's lucky fans are 1,000 concerts and almost 400 interviews richer.

The concept of radio rock concerts was a new one in the early '70s, but bands and managers quickly signed on with King Biscuit when they realized that the show was great marketing for tours and record sales. The Biscuit brought artists to the national stage and flagged fans from city to small town.

The King Biscuit Flower Hour launched as a nationally syndicated radio program, the first live concert series created for radio. The Biscuit was officially born on on February 18, 1973, with the weekly Flower Hour conceived and produced by truly open-minded, fanatical music lovers, dedicated to bringing the BEST live concert artists and performances right into the most remote living rooms in the land. It quickly became a launchpad for bands who may not have had the opportunity to reach deep into the heartland of the massive American audience, critical for many bands State-side success. 

King Biscuit always used the best recording equipment and technicians and soon employed those quality features for talk, comedy and interview programming. The Biscuit's greatest impact was most likely on the millions it influenced individually. It connected people with a wide range of artists and styles, and offered fans a unique view into the world of rock 'n' roll and pop culture. 

Today, three decades from its inception, the King Biscuit Flower Hour continues to broadcast weekly over its syndicated national FM network, connecting music fans from three generations with the Biscuit Archives - 20 years of their musical heritage, caught live. 

The Biscuit Archives feature recordings of more than 1,000 live concerts from some of the biggest names in rock music including the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Eric Clapton, Elton John. In 2006 The King Biscuit archives merged with the Bill Graham Archives. Together these archives form an unprecedented history of live rock music.

In November 2006 Wolfgang's Vault began streaming complete original concerts originally recorded for King Biscuit at the Concert Vault. These incredible shows are in their entirety, not as they were edited for the original radio broadcast. 

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