Slade Supporters Club Newsletter: May - June 1981

Place June/July/August 5th, 1981

Did You Know That...?

Did you know that:- When Slade recorded the title track for “Nobody’s Fools" album in 1976, Jim was really into Queen's music with all the harmonies, solo piano breaks, etc. (remember "Bohemian Rhapsody”?). Therefore it was intended that “Nobody’s Fool" would be some 20 minute extravaganza with everything thrown in.  Later; when it was discussed, it was obvious that this type of number wouldn't appeal to the stomping Slade fan of' the day. Thus the band only recorded a short version of the piece - but even that, which featured female backing vocalists (an unheard of act) show what an adventurous number it was. It was true that this song wouldn't have appealed to Slade fans at the time, as when a single version of the number was released it flopped - breaking Slade's run of 17 hit singles.  The song must still be a fascination for Jim though as he recorded a version of it last year (with the Dummies) - which still remains unreleased. 

Did you know that:- Slade have another piece of unreleased material in their catalogue. It was a "different" type of number that was written by Slade's engineer Andy Miller. He persuaded the band to record it at Portland while they were laying down tracks for the "Return To Base" album. Although the song turned out fine it has never appeared on vinyl, not even as a B side. 

Did you know that:- The inspiration for the "Woo Oh Oh Oh” chorus chant for the title"We’ll Bring The House Down” single, came when Slade were playing their Belgian Tour last year. This was the noise that Slade could hear for 20 minutes coming from the crowd in the hall in Brussels after the show had finished and the house lights had gone up. The audience just wouldn't budge - thus as the manager of the hall was frightened that the fans would wreck the place, he begged Slade to go back on stage, which they did!

Lots of you have written to us saying about the recent televised Who gig from Paris. Apparently the crowd were singing the chorus chant of "We'll Bring The House Down" in the gaps between the Who's songs - and they weren't too pleased: Especially at one point when someone jumped on stage and actually shouted "We'll Bring The House Down"!!

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