USA 1976

America 1976

While Slade needed to change their look, because let’s face it the whole Glam look was getting long in the tooth, I’m not sure it would have helped. By 1975 and 1976; the musical winds of change were blowing, and the seed of change were being sown.

In New York (and London), disaffected working class youth in dirty basements, influenced by acts such as: The Velvet Underground, The MC5, The New York Dolls and Slade (to name but a few), were developing a “new sound”. This “new sound” in New York was at first referred to as “Street Rock”, which in turn would become known as Punk.

Meanwhile in New York Clubs DJs started more and more creating continuous mixes of funk, Latin and soul dance records, building on a style that was started in Gay Clubs in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and in a nut shell Disco was born.
A scruffy looking, tight band from down under with a charismatic lead singer and a diminutive, strangely dressed lead guitarist started gaining ground in the U.S. at that time. The first time I heard the song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, I was outside at a very loud party, the song was playing inside the house but from what I could hear: I thought it was a new Slade song.
"Slade needed someone that understood American culture and tastes during that time. The biggest complaints American critics and Rock fans had about Slade were they didn’t like being told to stand up and clap; they didn’t like being told to sing along and they wished they had a better lead guitarist, which in my eye missed the entire point of Slade. 
During one of the gigs not sure which one, Noddy was trying to get the crowd to sing along with him to "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" the problem was most Americans were not familiar with that song. When Nod belted out "DAY-O" expecting the crowd to sing Day-O in response, 98% of the audience thought to themselves: “What the f*???”
In fairness to American audiences: If a band was really “puttin’ it down”, they would be on their feet, and singing along."
Harry Canyon: Slade Archive 2011

Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey  1976

"This gig had Slade opening for Z.Z. Top. I’d say the audience was about evenly split between Z.Z. Top and Slade fans. Also in 1976 Z.Z. Top were not the superstars they would become in a few years, and hadn’t morphed into their “cartoon character” persona at this point. Slade’s sound had changed from 1975, the guitars sounded even more distorted than usual. Slade were on top of their game, from the get go. They opened with Hear Me Calling, the harmonies were tight, and Slade seemed well rehearsed. The next tune was Get On Up, which they nailed! Another difference between ’75 and ’76 was Dave playing bass on How Does it Feel. Dave played a white bass with a single pick up, which I’m guessing was made by John Birch? At one point in the show Jim did a bass solo, I’m not sure which song it was in (more on this below), but he broke a string, so Don did an impromptu drum solo, and then Jim was handed the white bass Dave had played earlier and finished his solo. Discussing the gig with Harry who was there with me; we were both racking our brains trying to remember, during which song Jim’s string broke, and, of course, the entire set list. Here’s the set list to the best of our memories: 
Hear Me Calling
Get On Up
Gudbye T'Jane
How Does It Feel?
Just Want A Little Bit
Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
Get Down and Get With It
Mama Weer All Crazee
One disappointment: there was no encore, despite the audience (even Z.Z. Top fans) going berserk. When Slade’s gear was being removed, the audience booed and threw things at the stage."
Martin Cummins: Slade Archive 2011

The Showplace, Dover, New Jersey, 30th July, 1976.

( For details on this gig, plus a download link to an improved sound quality audio, click on the "LIVE AND LOUD!" Blogspot post here! )

Many thanks to the usual suspects, Chris Selby, The Brooklyn Slade Crew, Stu Rutter, among others. AC/DC pic stolen from Erica Aikin at Licorice Pizza

7th US Tour: 1976 (known dates)

07/04/1976 Civic Theatre, San Diego, California (Be Bop Deluxe & Golden Earring)
13/04/1976 The Starwood Club, Los Angeles (Stars & Pyramid supporting)
14/04/1976 The Starwood Club, Los Angeles (Stars & Pyramid supporting)
15/04/1976 Seattle
17/04/1976 Convention Center, Anaheim Orange County
18/04/1976 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles
28/04/1976 Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO (Aerosmith with Angel and Slade)
07/05/1976 Capitol Theatre, New Jersey (BOC, Slade, Dr Feelgood)
08/05/1976 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey (Blue Oyster Cult)
18/05/1976 Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, OH (Santana, Wild Cherry, Slade)
23/05/1976 Hancock Recreation Center, Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio (Blue Oyster Cult)
09/07/1976 Centennial Auditorium, Western Manitoba, Canada                                 30/07/1976 The Showplace, Dover, New Jersey
28/09/1976 North Auditorium, Raleigh Springs (Blue Oyster Cult Supporting) 

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