Noddy Holder at The Space 2012

The Space, Komedia, Brighton June 7th, 2012

So, we had some embarrassing shouting while Noddy was talking. Somebody else shouted out "Shut up!" which got a round of applause. The talk was mostly the usual 'Rent-A-Nod' monologue, no disrespect intended, but he did add a few things that kept it interesting. 

Apparently, Noddy's interview is the longest they have ever had. Briggy Smalle, in general, kept quiet and let him roll. Previously, with Martin Baker, she had to hold the conversation continuously but Nod, she just prompt now and then when he lost his thread. I like her, she knows when to keep quiet.

Unfortunately, we lost Q&A time. I didn't realise and foolishly allowed a couple of people to speak first. I was next on the mic when they called a halt.... totally gutted. I wouldn't have got more than the one question though. 

So, I noticed he was signing a few autographs and slipped in to the line. Nod was given a pile of photos to sign, time and time again. His face was tired and going through the motions. 

When I got my turn I asked about the Earls Court footage and the Videography, everybody went quiet and listened. It was pretty good, he answered very sensibly.

The Earls Court footage wasn't released because of the poor audio. He's aware that the BFI have a copy but unless they can do something about the audio it's unlikely to get a release?

The Ultimate Videography is still an ongoing project. "It's a legal minefield! They are still looking into it." I said "You mean Colin's looking into it?" and he said "Yes." So I said "Colin's an accountant Noddy, he works for you." and he said, "Yes, but Colin will find out if it's financially worthwhile. If it can be done, Colin will know. It costs a fortune to put these things together. The BBC won't let anything go." 

I said "You can licence it though." Nod says "Yeah but it costs an absolute fortune."

I said to him. "Salvo done a marvellous job on the remasters, I believe they are selling quite well?" Nod confirmed so I said "You're getting more airplay on Radio 2 now than you've had for decades." he agreed. I said to him "Surely there's a market then, it'll sell, now's the time Nod."

Then I got moved on by one of the organisers....

The important thing was, he was talking seriously and he was interested in what I was saying and he was also interested in what I was hearing too... It wasn't meant to fob me off, he was sincere and would have continued to talk about it, he was still talking as they moved me on.

It was a pleasant experience but Nod has aged a lot since 'Mr & Mrs'...

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My thanks to Joy Sewell for making it happen. She puts up with all my nonsense, bless her.

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