Hello Goodbye: The Jim Lea Productions

Citizen Kane (Trojan Records, 1985) is the only single that Jim released under his own name, Jimmy Lea. The B-side to this was Poland (a version of Slade's Lemme Love Into Ya), which is also on The Dummies album and released under the name of Greenfields Of Tong on a 7" single. Citizen Kane sounds like a cross between Ghostbusters and One Night In Bangkok.
1982 - SPEED FIRED 2

Hello Goodbye (Shotgun Records, 1994) released under the name of Gang of Angels. Not really up to Jim's usual standards. The B-side to this was Jim Jam which had previously been released as The Clout.

Where Have All The Good Girls Gone by the Crybabies (1991) and Shooting Me Down by Crome Molly (1988). Jim produced both these on his own, but it is worth noting that Shooting Me Down is actually a Holder/Lea-penned song. One of the musicians from Crome Molly was on a Slade forum and he told a couple of stories about the recording of the track. Their manager had asked Jim to work with the band. Jim showed up at one of their out-door gigs to check them out wearing wellingtons, which didn't seem very Rock 'n' Roll but then that's Jim. He also said that it was difficult working with him because Jim wanted things his way or not at all. Basically, he said Jim was a nice guy who would hang out with the band for beers after a day's work in the studio.

Jim produced two cover songs for The Redbeards From Texas (Receiver Records 1986), I Saw Her Standing There and Gudbuy T'Jane. Both are performed in a ZZ Top inspired style.
Both tracks were taken from The Redbeards' album, "Havin' A Ball".

Annabella released Fever in 1986. Annabella Lwin was the 14 year old vocalist for early 80's Punk band Bow Wow Wow (I Want Candy, Wild In The Country & C30, C60, C90, Go!)before breaking into a solo career in 1986. Jim produced two tracks (with Frank on drums) for her debut album, Fever, the other being School's Out.

Simple Love (1983) by Sue Scadding is a Holder/Lea composition, it is produced solely by Jim and has brother Frank Lea playing the drums while Jim plays all the other instruments. Nod has claimed that it was a Top 20 hit back in 1983, but I think it was just wistful thinking on his behalf. The closest it got to the Top 20 was a performance on TOTP.

Noddy and Jim produced Girlschool together:
"In 1983 he produced 3 songs: '20th Century Boy', 'High & Dry' and 'Burning In The Heat Of Love' for the all female band Girlschool together with Noddy Holder."
 It was pretty tough as the girls were more interested in getting stoned than in recording. Originally Jim and Nod were supposed to produce an album with the girls, but in the end they gave up after 3 songs, as they just couldn't get the girls to work.

UK, November, 1985 - 7"
Sub Zero Music - SZM 5
Emlyn Hughes, O.B.E. With Suzanne Dando And The Kingswinford Junior Choir -
"At Christmas Time"
( Produced by Noddy Holder and Roger Allen! )

We'll Bring The House Down c/w Jim Jam (Mooncrest Records 1990), recorded under the name The Clout.

The songs on the Whild CDS are all only Jim Lea compositions. Jim totally solo, playing all instruments incl. a drum machine.

UK, 1991 - Original Vinyl, LP
Receiver Records, Limited - RRLP 155

UK, 10th March, 1992 - CD, Album
Receiver Records, Limited - RRCD 155

All the Dummies and the other solo-singles are all recorded with Frank Lea (Jim's younger brother) on drums, Louise Lea on backing vocals and Jim on everything else. All the "old" Slade-songs are credited to Holder/Lea, also WBTHD. The rest is credited solely to Jim except She's The Only Woman which is not featured on the Dummies CD as it is not Jim on vocal. In the picture, younger brother Frank is on the left, Jim on the right and the singer in the middle. The writer credit is Faulkner & Lea F.

( There is also an unreleased track by The Dummies, - a Cover Version of Johnny Kidd And The Pirates' - I'll Never Get Over You ! )

The China Dolls
1982 - SPEED FIRED 1

The remake of Coz I Luv You (Trojan Records 1994) was relased under the name Jimbo featuring Bull. I believe Bull is one of The Specials (80's Ska Band) partly because the project was a joint venture between Jim and some of The Specials and was originally called The X-Specials (Receiver Records) but publishers put a block on it.

Gary Holton was an actor who played the part of Cockney Wayne in UK tv's Auf Wiedersehen Pet, but he'd been in rock music since 1974. Catch A Falling Star was produced and performed by Jim Lea and released in 1984. That's How The Story Goes was recorded at the same time but had to wait for "Gary Holton" the album release in 1986 after his death.

Sue Wilkinson
1980 - Cheapskate CHEAP 2
(Don Powell on Drums)

Three Phase
1982 - SPEED FIRED 3
(Produced By Noddy Holder)

Blessings In Disguise
1989 - Mooncrest DISGUISE 1
(Produced By Dave Hill & Noddy Holder)

1991 - Gotham GOTH 2
(Produced By Dave Hill)

BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE ( With Vocals By Noddy Holder ) - A FOOL SUCH AS I
( Unreleased! )

Jim's Whild CDS was released on Jet Records in 2000 featuring three tracks, I'll Be John You'll Be Yoko, Megadrive and I Go Wild. This is solely Jim writing, singing, playing, producing etc. Good coherent flow in both music and lyrics that revolve around Jim's schizofrenia theme.

Dr. Haze Vs. The X Factor - & The Circus Of Horrors (Welcome To The Freakshow)
Silva Screen - CIRCUS 666, Silva Screen - HORROR 666
UK, 2001 - CD, Album - ( Includes 2 x Tracks by Dave Hill, "Welcome To The Freakshow" and "Double Trouble" ! )

James Whild Lea - Therapy
Jim Jam Records
UK, 2007 (original single CD release) - Some copies were issued later with a signed artwork poster.

2008 - JAMES WHILD LEA - LIVE AT THE ROBIN - Jim Jam Records - digital download only

November, 2009 (Double CD Release)

Shelly Bonet - Love In A Dangerous World - CD, Album, Special Edition, Stereo
US, 26th February, 2016 - Track 13, "All Coming Back"

Rainbow Home Entertainment - 5565

Jim Lea - Therapy - 2xCD, Album
UK, 23rd September, 2016 - Deluxe Edition Re-Issue, (with three bonus tracks!)
Wienerworld - WNRCD5028

Vinyl, 2xLP, Album
UK, 23rd September, 2016 - Deluxe Edition Re-Issue, (with six bonus tracks!)
Wienerworld Presentation - WNRLP5099

UK, 23rd September, 2016 - File, MP3, Single

UK, July, 2017 - CD, Single, Promo
Wienerworld - WNRCDS1001

UK, 8th November, 2017
Jim Lea - For One Night Only: Live at The Robin 2 [DVD]

(For a review of Jim's DVD, visit Darren'smusicblog here.)

UK, November, 2017 - Limited Edition, CD, Single, Radio Promo
Jim Lea - The Smile Of Elvis (REMIXED)

There are 11 tracks that he has produced for other artists and on some of them he even plays all instruments himself. The 2 Mama Jasje-songs, (Mama Jasje being a Belgian boy band). Jim is a friend of their producer and he was asked if he could help out with some songs and he gave them two.


Girlschool - Play Dirty SANCTUARY CMRCD959

Going Under/High N Dry/Play Dirty/20th Century Boy/Breaking All The Rules/Burning In The Heat/Surrender/Rock Me Shock Me/Running For Cover/Breakout (Knob In The Media)

Bonus Tracks

1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll/Don't Call It Love/Tush/Like It Like That/1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll (12" Extended Version)


Mama's Jasje was the most popular boyband in Holland around 2000 when the album was released which features the 3 Jim-penned songs. The band name means Mother's Jacket and Samen Door Het Vuur means Together By The Fire. It's original title was Great Big Family and you can hear it is the song that Jim did in Bilston. Wie Ben Jij (Who Are You), which had the original title Who Am I (so much more Jim!!) which sounds like a possible Eurovision Song Contest entry. The bass player on Wie Bien Jij is Trevor Holliday - the first bass player of Slade II. The third song is Laatste Dag Van De Lente (Last Day Of Spring) with its original title July To September. It has an annoying tendency of sticking in your brain!

The Download Link is here: Download

Filename: Jim Lea Productions.rar Filesize: 102.29 MB

For more information on JIM LEA -Side Ventures, visit Slade Crazee! Weebly.

For all the latest news on Jim Lea productions, visit Jim's own website, Jim Lea music.com here.

18th May, 2018 - Digital Download Single.

 ( Limited Edition One x Track Promo. CDr Single! )

Jim Lea - Lost In Space ( RADIO EDIT ) :-

22nd June, 2018 - 6 x Track CD EP and Digital Download EP.
Wienerworld - WNRCD5103.

Jim Lea - Lost In Space ( E.P. ) :-
1. Lost In Space
2. What In The World
3. Megadrive
4. Pure Power
5. Going Back To Birmingham
6. Through The Fire

2nd July, 2018 - DVD.
Jim Jam Music Ltd.

An Audience With Jim Lea - At The Robin 2 :-

KORNASTONE - Oh My Days - ( Featuring Jim Lea on violin! )


Gary Moore - "Shapes Of Things"
UK, 1984 - Vinyl, 12" Single, 45 RPM
10 Records - TEN 19-12
Noddy provided the backing vocals on this old Yardbirds cover version!

GOSH - "The Wishing Well"
UK, November, 1987 - Vinyl, 7" Single, 45 RPM
MBS Records - GOSH (00)1
Noddy Holder sang one line on this charity single:-

Noddy Holder (Slade) - "Pepsi Anthem (Tear Into The Weekend)"
Canada, 1988
Cassette, Promo
(1988 USA/Canada "Pepsi Cola" TV Advert!)

Kiss AMC - "My Docs"
UK, 1990
CD, Single
Syncopate (2) - CDXAMC 1
 ( Featuring Noddy Holder on the Introduction! )
1. My Docs ( 7" Mix )
2. My Docs ( Two Tone Mix )
3. Come Again ( 7" Mix )
4. My Docs ( Dubstrumental )
( This Recording was also Released on 7" Vinyl Single, 12", 12" Promo. and two different versions of "My Docs - The Remix" on 12" Formats, as well! )

The Grimleys
UK, 1999 - Double CD
Global TV Label
Various Artists Compilation Album, including :-
23. Noddy Holder - Coz I Luv You
32. Slade - Everyday
37. Slade - Come On Feel The Noize
Noddy performed several other solo versions of Slade hits throughout the first series, including "Cum On Feel The Noize", "Mama Weer All Crazee Now", "Everyday" and "How Does It Feel"!

UK, 2000
Download, Single
In 2000, Noddy's Solo acoustic version of "Coz I Luv You" from "The Grimleys" was finally released as a Single:-

Neville "Noddy" Holder also appeared in the following Video:-

UK, 2006 - (DVDr, PAL)
Sunday Best Recordings, Ltd.

Misty's Big Adventure Featuring Noddy Holder - Fashion Parade

(  Noddy Holder with  Ricky Tomlinson on  Are You Looking At Me ! )

Nod also had a second book, "The World According To Noddy" published on the 18th of September, 2014:-
( Paperback. )

( Hardback. )
And, he seriously got into cookery in a big way!

The European Team - Sport Alive / Guitar Alive
Belgium, 1985 - Vinyl, 12", Maxi-Single
Mausoleum Records - SPORT 83100
Dave and Don were amongst the stars, featured in this charity single:-

Justin Lee Collins' Channel 4 TV's "Bring Back The Christmas Number One!"
10th December, 2005
Dave and Don were back again here, backing David Essex on "I'm Goin' Home", written by Rob Davis of Mud:-

Dave Hill - "So Here It Is:  How The Boy From Wolverhampton Rocked The World With Slade"
Dave published his Biography in 2017:-

(Read a review of Dave's Autobiography on Classic Rock here.)

Don Powell - Let There Be Drums / Amnesia
( Unreleased Track, With Jona Lewie! )

The Guv'nors - Raining In My Champagne
( 2008 - Featuring Don Powell )
( Dave Jewell has posted this track on SoundCloud, which you can listen to here! )

The Guv'nors - The Pint Of No Return
US, Nov. 2009 - Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Orange Clear
CD, Album
Longshot Music - LS1268, Contra Records - CR042, True Force Records - TFR028LP
(This Album Features Don Powell on Track B6, - Raining In My Champagne!)
(For more information on Don's solo side-projects, visit  Lise Lyng Falkenberg's Slade blog!)

QSP - Quatro Scott Powell
UK, 2017
Sony Music Records
Also in 2017, Don Powell joined a new "Supergroup", along with fellow "Glam Rockers", Suzi Quatro and Andy Scott from The Sweet:-

The Standard CD Release:-

The Deluxe Edition:-

For more information on QSP, click on here.


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