Japan, September 1973

Mates - September, 1973.

They loved the country and the four shows they did there. Dave really enjoyed the high-speed Bullet Train they travelled on in Japan at the start of ’74. The outfit he wore on Top Of The Pops for Everyday was designed primarily by Steve Megson for the Japanese shows representing a modern-day kimono.

Dave was impressed visiting the temples of Japan. He wore his “Dollar” platform shoes and was asked to take them off and leave them as he visited one temple. However insisted on carrying them round during the visit though, as there were many fans present and he believed they would be stolen.

The lyrics to Far Far Away carry the line "And all those arigato smiles stay in your memory for a while." ARIGATO is Japanese for THANK YOU and this line was based on their Japanese trip from 1974.

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11/09/1973 Tokyo
13/09/1973 Osaka
?/?/?? Magoya
?/?/?? Kyoto

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